James Timothy White – A Man with a Canadian entrepreneurial spirit! Interview by Chuck Gallagher, Business Ethics Expert

James WhiteFrom time to time I am fortunate enough to meet some amazing individuals who have distinguished themselves at a young age with great wisdom and success.  James White is such a person.  Thought that you might want to join me here in an interview with James where we discuss some of the cutting edge questions that face businesses today.

  • In a world that is rapidly being dominated by Social Media, how do you get your name and service recognized?

First you need to have a “consistent” plan with all your platforms to ensure you communicating the same message to your followed, fans, customers. The you need to provide good quality content that people need and want and can actually use not just generic information. If they like it, they share it, and if they share it, they will spread the word, which give you more exposure on the web.

  • Define for my audience what you do and how they will benefit from contacting you?

I’m a business consultant, I help people structure start-up businesses, streamline existing ones for sale or to optimize operations, and help business with asset protection to ensure there business can continue when a major lawsuit or government body has issues with the company.

  • If someone were to visit your website, what would they come away with that provides them value?

They can access free information on marketing, money and funding, health and wellness, accounting, and information on the markets. If they use this information wisely they can increase seals, protect their business from professional takers, and even obtain ideas on how to raise money.

  • Share a bit of your background and help my readers know at a deeper level who you are…

At age 12, I founded my first company, which turned into a multi-million dollar corporate structure. In 2005, I sold my business to pursue my passion for finance and have since become the pinnacle of the Canadian entrepreneurial spirit by buying and selling several companies in Canada, the United States and Internationally. I have also a published author and artist selling more than 300,000 copies of my books and publications world-wide as well as various paintings. 

In 2006, I Co-Founded Canam Credit Company Inc. and was Chief Executive Officer until April 7, 2008. In January 2008, I founded Texcan Capital Inc as a capital pool company, which was sold in late 2009. In the same year, I was appointed CEO of Eurotex Finanz Inc. and subsequently listed the shares on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. As a result, I became the world’s youngest CEO of a publicly traded company.

In 2011, I founded Eurotex Global Savings & Trust SA a Luxembourg grantor trust company and later sold the business in 2012. In the same year after selling off most of the businesses I was involved with, I founded JTW Vantage Group Inc. which owns and manages JTW Vantage Group Inc. in the United Sates which controls it’s divided paying venture capital firms Eurogen Energy Inc. and Dynamic Bear Inc.

As a result of my dynamic career, I have gained an extensive knowledge of public markets, an expansive network of global connections in the small business community.

  • From a business perspective, what do you see are the three most pressing issues that businesses face in 2013?

Access to capital, fiscal cliff and tort reform.

  • We hear a lot about financial responsibility – how do you help your clients when it comes to business and financial management?

I help them in many ways however most business, we help with implementing the right structure to optimize cash flow, protect key assets and as a result we increase the bottom line.

  • If you were to define the two most important services you offer, what would they be and how do you help you clients with them?

 Asset protection and corporate structuring.

  • Assume this last question is directed to media – what one thing would you want media to know about you and your services that you feel would make a difference?

I’m a business expert who has global experience and that corporate structure and asset protection are the key to having a successful business.

To contact James visit his web site at www.jamestimothywhite.com


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