Make it Pop – An interview about a Web Design Service headquartered in Europe

makeitpopOften in my travels I have the opportunity to connect with folks both domestic and abroad.  My recent connection with a web development company based in Europe called “Make it Pop” is one such encounter.  When we visited I was impressed with the quality of their work and equally the price (quite competitive).  As a result I offered to interview these folks in my blog.  The interview follows and there web presence is

1.    In a world that is dominated by everything on-line what distinguishes your services from the plethora of other web development companies?

Well, I have been doing this for a long time now (15 years) and I think it is a combination of experience, our design and the vision that we have on global business that makes the difference. I think over the last 6 years we have come to expect different things of life in general, as a people… and I think our vision plays into that perfectly.

Our design has a certain style and quality and I think a lot of contracts we win are based on that as a priority. We have the skills of an advertising agency but have way lower costs that we have to recover.

Next to this, I am a big advocate of blue ocean strategy in every project I undertake and I think our blue ocean strategy is that we do not have an office, our people work at home, we mainly work with channel partners, we don’t have cars and we do all contact by proxy. We use skype to talk to clients and we use teamviewer to solve computer issues. Just image how more competitive this makes us.

And last but not least we have the monthly package prices. I mean, nobody can beat 98 euros a month for a website + ongoing search optimization to reach a set amount of clients each month.

2.    You have an impressive list of clients – Toyota and VW – to name two international brands, yet your advertised prices seem reasonable.  Are prospective clients to assume that for your advertised price one can get the quality of product that was delivered to Toyota or VW?

Yes, they can. In fact they should expect nothing less. I don’t like it when I buy things, I get lower quality service than the guy who has a bigger house.

Also keep in mind that delivering high quality comes natural to us. I think it is more of a general attitude.

To quote artistotle: “Excellence, is not an act, but a habit.”

I love to be proud of what we make and any project is fun to do for me. I like variety so when I for example get the chance to make a site for a vet, or for a winery, I see to it that it’s the best possible site we can deliver for that particular business.

It is great to have clients call you up and say they scored a big contract due to the presentation of their website and that their client complimented the site you made. We always share this news with the programmer or designer or content writer.

To keep delivering quality in perpetual motion as a rule of thumb we only work with people that are proud of what they deliver.

3.    I see that the sites developed for your clients are smartphone ready.  Does this mean that when someone buys a website development package, they also receive a smartphone configured site as well?

That is correct. We call this “responsive websites”. That is when a website is smart enough to know on what device it is being shown, and adjust the viewing area so that the site becomes browse-able in optimal form on said device.

People don’t expect it yet, but we think in most cases it is necessary for good business.

4.    With the proliferation of smartphones (that will only be growing) what do companies need to consider when developing their web presence?  Is there something different about how content is delivered when the Smartphone is the delivery method?

I am glad you ask this question. Smartphones are used in the first place for conversation and communication: 2-way communication such as: phonecalls, social media, skype, viper and 1 way communication such as news messages, sms (which can be 1 or 2-way), rebate offers, price offers, discounts and so on are the driving force behind today’s media.

I think it is important to integrate features that make optimal use of these functions. Next to this, everything needs to be done in a split second. Fast loading images, in fact not too much images, big slogans, bigger fonts for quick reading. 140 word messages to be twitter compatible and so on.

Instead of offering a form, one could integrate a call me back function so that a message is sent through to the webmaster/owner of the site, with 1 click. The viewer just types in his number instead of a long email and the webmaster just gets a message that says “call back phone number xxx”. It is functions like this that trigger people today.

And let’s not forget social media. A lot of content is personalized these days. People like to share articles, download apps, receive offers on their phone. Now, more than ever, I think it is important to be connected to your customers, but especially to connect with your customers.

Knowing who your customers are and delivering relevant content is key.

5.    How long has your company been in business?

Make It Pop is rather new, about 1 year old. Most clients have started doing business with me when I was working solo in Belgium, then stuck with me through my first company which I have sold now.. and now some have come with me to Make It Pop.

6.    What three things would you suggest a prospective customer consider before considering using your services?

You know, I think people in business these days overthink too much and therefore stagnate by eventually undertaking nothing. When I buy services I look for 2 things:  1) Do I like this company’s output?  And 2) Do I like the people I am dealing with? If both questions can be answered with a resolute “YES” then I go for it.

That being said, when people are looking for a good webdesig- or new media company, I would say: connection with the person making your website (not with the salesman), price, quality of output.

7.    You work through a network of service providers according to your website, so help my audience understand how that works for their benefit?

Learning to work like this didn’t came overnight, it was born out of a natural concern I have for making use of resources in a responsible way.

It is not just for the client his/her benefit, but also for the people who provide the services and for Make It Pop as a company. Price is the key issue here. When I was based in Belgium, a programmer cost 4500 euros a month there.

Now I am based in Cyprus, I was confronted with the fact that on global scale 4500 euros is outrageous for one programmer. Here, it is about 4 times less. In India it is less than that.

Keep in mind that when I sold a site that would take 1 month to develop in Belgium, this would mean I had to charge 4500 euros + make a profit on that.

Now that I work with people on a global scale I can put a lot more people to work with the same budget, give the client A LOT more value for their money and thus be more competitive.

Like a perfect circle.

8.    If, as an example, I were to seek your services, what are the two dominate reasons I would select your firm?

Quality of design and price, hands down.

9.    I have a number of media followers, so as we end this interview – what one thing would you want to share that you would like media to pick up on?

Getting customers through online media should be clear and easy, not confusing.

So, if you own a business or going to start a business and would like a good looking website with all bells and whistles to be active in today’s market, call me.

If you know how many clients you need each month,  we will build you the website and other online tools to reach that goal and we will help you from A to Z at the best price guaranteed.

If you like what we do, give us a shout!


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