AUDIODROPCENTRAL.COM IS HERE You’ll Never Think Of Audio Drama The Same Way Again – An Interview with the Creator

For those looking for new innovative ideas…here’s one emerging on the scene that you will want to take a look at!

Audiodrop1. What a creative idea – Audio Drop Central. Where do you come up with the idea?

I have always been a fan of radio dramas and audio books as well as producing them during my time in radio. But I always wanted to find a way to cram as much adventure or action or drama into a shorter amount of time without sacrificing story, character or quality. Also I know a lot of people enjoy audiobooks but feel they are too long or don’t want all the narrative. I wanted to create a new way of thinking of audio entertainment.

2. These Audio Drops (as you put them) are more than just the audio reading of a book…it seems they are mini productions. How do the audio drops get selected and produced?

Oh, they are so much more than reading a book! Our stories have no narrator. Each one is scripted like a screenplay, cast and recorded. They are full stories presented in about 15 minutes with full casts, sound effects, original music and engaging storylines. As of now, I write all of the AudioDrops. We have adapted work from others, such as Nicola Cuti’s Moonchild and are negotiating more projects using outside material.

3. Since these 15 minute segments are only 89 cents – how does an author get an audio drop published.

Since we aren’t audiobooks, a story would either need to be from a source that would lend itself to audio- a book, comic book, etc. Another way would be to pitch an original audio series and if it sounds like something we would be interested in doing, we would do a pilot script and take it from there. We are especially interested in science fiction, westerns and action adventure.

4. Your press releases states – AudioDrops are written and directed by Eric Erickson who also voices the lead character in the eponymous Red Colt: Bounty Hunter. Are other AudioDrops by other authors being considered?

We are in talks with several authors about adapting their books and are open to new properties. As we expand we will be incorporating more scriptwriters.

5. Look forward one year and share with my readers what you see as the future for Audio Drops.

In one year we will have expanded our selection exponentially. We will be offering numerous titles based on known film, television, comic books and personalities as well as our original characters. AudioDrops will be listened to across the country, from the NYC Subway to San Francisco’s BART. And
beyond. It will also be offered as an entertainment option in select gyms.

6. In the audio space – who is your competition?

Our two main competitors are the audiobook industry and “podcast” dramas. As for audiobooks, we are a different animal being shorter, sleeker and with the comic book style AudioDrop universe where characters exist in the same realm. While audiobooks market to the long haul truckers and those who want
long form entertainment, our stories appeal to people who want everything wrapped up in a shorter amount of time or like the more episodic style. As for the “podcast” dramas that are offered, I truly believe our quality, storytelling, complexity of not only our characters but technical aspects are worth the price. All of our episodes are crafted with professional actors and musicians as well as cutting edge sound.

7. A number of my readers are in the media, so as we conclude this interview – what two things would you want them to know about the uniqueness of AudioDropCentral?

1) These aren’t soft little stories. These are stories that can compete with what you might see on HBO. 2) THESE ARE NOT AUDIOBOOKS. This is a
completely new approach to audio entertainment.

Here’s the AudioDrop Press Release:

LOS ANGELES (January 4, 2013) — Angry Viking Productions is proud to announce the launch of, a bold new direction in audio entertainment! From the sexy space adventures of a classic comic book character to the mean streets of prohibition Chicago, your ears will never be the same!

AudioDrops™ are short-form dramatic audio presentations with full casts, immersive sound effects, original scores and engaging stories. Series include westerns, science fiction, superheroes, drama and comedy- full tales presented in a quarter hour.

Exclusively available at, AudioDrops™ are only 89 cents and download right to your computer or handheld devices. AudioDrops™- which range in length from 10 to 15 minutes on average- are perfect entertainment for that commute on the bus or subway, for that time at the gym or for just kicking back and losing yourself in an audio world.

Adding to the uniqueness of AudioDrops™ are their interconnectivity. Each character resides in the same “universe” and the more listening you do, the deeper you will delve into the rich mosaic of characters and experiences. AudioDrops are written and directed by Eric Erickson who also voices the lead character in the eponymous Red Colt: Bounty Hunter.

Among the first wave of available AudioDrops™ is Moonie the Starbabe, based on the classic underground comic book character created by award winning artist & writer Nicola Cuti. The three episode mini series recreates the adventures from Mu Press’s comic book adventure Moonie vs. the Spider Queen and features the voices of Michael Cornacchia (Happy Feet, Legion of Super Heroes), Scott Bailey (TV’s Guiding Light) and Tom Nagel (Zack Snyder’s upcoming Man of Steel).

Also available are Red Colt: Bounty Hunter (Western), City Hall (Mature Drama), and Fantastic Worlds (Science Fiction) as well as many other titles. More series are in post production and will see a constant update of available inventory.

AudioDrops are produced by Los Angeles based Angry Viking Productions.


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