“On Your Way Up” and interview with author Sina Adelaja-Olowoake

  1. Sina, you’ve written a book entitled “On Your Way Up” tell my readers a bit about your book.

Sina_USAAnswer:  The book is a compilation of various topics on self improvement/life skills targeted at young adults. As a mentor and life coach working predominantly with young people, I noticed that the primary challenge most young people face is an identity crisis. Majority suffer from low self esteem and lack the necessary life skills to help them transit successfully into responsible adults. I try to address these issues in the book.

  1. What was your motivation in writing this book?

Answer: The motivation was simply to help the future generation and reach more people. I travel around a lot holding leadership academy programmes, but with the book I can reach a wider audience in more locations without necessarily having to travel there.

  1. You speak about several things that contribute to success.  Share some of the ideas that are featured in your book?

Answer: I spoke about the need for young people to spend time to formulate ideas. Ideas rule the world. If anyone is going to aspire to be a success, then they will have to consciously spend time thinking and coming up with relevant ideas. Also touched on time management. Time is not a blank cheque. There is a place and a time for everything. Doing the right thing at the wrong time may not necessarily produce the best result. Other ingredients for success include adequate preparation, budgeting and self control.

  1. You mention Etiquette.  It seems that as generations change so do standards of social etiquette.  How do you see the application of etiquette today?

Answer: Yes it true that as generations change some standards of social etiquette may change but the core remains almost untouched. Politeness and respect for people still remain at the heart of the social culture anywhere today.

  1. Like many of the other components of success, you also feature budgeting.  It seems that the world is awash in debt and that governments have a hard time with this.  What do you suggest to readers to who grapple with financial responsibility?

Answer: It’s time we took financial responsibility seriously. I think for a long time, a lot of people have allowed their hearts to rule their heads in the area of finance. Your financial state must be at the heart of every decision you take.

  1. A number of my readers are in the media, so as we conclude this interview – what two things would you want them to know about the uniqueness of your book?

Answer: First of all it’s targeted at an audience that rarely gets such opportunities. And secondly it stands out because its written in a simple jargon free and easy to follow style.

Here’s a link to ON YOUR WAY UP – http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/Onyourwayup


2 Responses to “On Your Way Up” and interview with author Sina Adelaja-Olowoake

  1. YemiiMchael says:

    I have read the book ‘on your way up’, and I must confess to u I was blown away by th genuine intention of the writer using profound basic principles of life to teach a sure practicable steps of achieving success and also maintaining it if all instructions are adhered to and adopted as a way of life.
    This would not only help young adults but any body aspiring to be a success in his/her choosen field.

  2. Enanga Eko says:

    The author focused on areas we neglect but are constantly giving us challenges. it is timely and i hope it reaches the wider audience that is it supposed to reach. I am grateful that i can benefit from it. I will definitely spread the word.

    Enanga Eko

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