Interview about a New Job Hosting Website – NinjaGig

  1. ninjaGigLogoI was just introduced to Ninja Gig – Hiring Made Stealthy.  Give me an overview of your program.  Ninja Gig allows companies of all sizes and hiring needs to accept job applications online.  We realize that the hiring process can be tricky, and our hiring tools allow companies to quickly get setup with their own Ninja Gig website where potential candidates can view job openings and apply for jobs online.  For more details about what a company receives when they sign up, check out this page:
  2. You state that your goal is to “provide companies with affordable and powerful tools that are simple to use, yet add value.”  What are those tools?  First off, companies get their own Ninja Gig website.  Next, companies also receive an admin portal where they can post job openings (which then automatically show on their Ninja Gig website), review previously received applications, manage their company profile, and more.  Finally, every Ninja Gig company website is mobile-friendly, meaning candidates can simply apply from their favorite mobile device.
  3. What makes your program different than Monster or Careerbuilder?  First off, price.  Ninja Gig is only $10/month and includes a free trial.  Next, Monster, Careerbuilder and the like are job posting boards.  Ninja Gig is not a job posting board, although we do allow companies to post jobs online.  When companies post jobs on Monster (or any other job board) their job openings get buried beneath every other company’s openings.  Ninja Gig gives each company their own website where only their job openings are shown and where only their own job openings can be applied for.  This makes Ninja Gig very specific to each company.  Check out the demo company at
  4. I notice that that when a company signs up they receive their own Ninja Gig website (  What is the significance of that approach?  Each company receives their own Ninja Gig website where only that company’s job openings are shown.  This creates a much branded, company-specific experience for potential candidates, rather than the buffet style approach of job boards.  This gives companies the ability to create a mini- or career-website specific to their company.  Companies can use the Ninja Gig admin portal to upload a company logo, update their company profile, post jobs to their Ninja Gig website, and more.
  5. So if a company is using your service, how do prospective job seekers find your job posting?  There are multiple ways for job seekers to find a company’s job openings.  Companies can add a ‘Careers’ link to their corporate website that links to their Ninja Gig website.  Also, companies can use their Ninja Gig website link in any of their digital or print advertising.  Finally, we post all job openings on the main Ninja Gig website at, which gives additional traction for all posted job openings.
  6. As I look deeper I see a comment that Ninja Gig is not primarily a job posting site.  Define what the primary benefits are for signing up with Ninja Gig.  You are correct; Ninja Gig is not primarily a job posting site, although companies do have the option to post job openings online.  Ninja Gig gives each company their own personal website where they can post job openings and accept employment applications online.  The primary benefit of Ninja Gig is streamlining the hiring process by accepting job applications online.  When a candidate fills out the online job application, the hiring manager receives an email immediately with the application details.  Managers can literally manage their candidate pool through email.
  7. A number of my readers are in the media, so as we conclude this interview – what two things would you want them to know about the uniqueness of your service?  Price and Simplicity.  Ninja Gig’s price is only $10/month, way below anyone else out there.  Ninja Gig is so simple that a company can be up and running and accepting job applications in minutes.  Sign up for a free trial today at

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