An interview about Acris Keep In Touch software for Construction Companies


Question 1:         Acris Keep In Touch looks like a powerful solution for those in the building and real estate business.   Please share the background behind Akris.

Answer:                 Acris Services started in the beginning of 2011 and the goal was to provide advanced solutions for construction companies.  Typically, construction companies are the least likely to utilize the latest technology in their business and therefore are unable to take full advantages that modern Cloud computing can offer.  We saw this as an opportunity to target the construction industry and make companies aware of the solutions that are out there that will help them to achieve far more and increase the productivity of each and every employee that they have.

Question 2:         This is marketed for Australia.  Is this a solution for companies in other parts of the world?  If not, how did it become the number 1 solution for Australian businesses?

Answer:                 Acris Keep In Touch can be utilized by any company in any industry in any part of the world.  However, we do have built-in options that are industry specific and one of those is an industry option for residential builders in Australia.  This option contains pre-written emails and a structure that benefits Australian builders, saving them hours of time writing emails to educate potential prospects about their business.  It is the only solution of its type in Australia and has been instrumental in helping Australian builders convert more prospects into clients.

Question 3:         What makes your program different from any of your competitors?

Answers:               Well, there are many CRM solutions on the market, but there are none in Australia that provides the pre-written emails and the structure for a construction company to maintain sub-contractual information.  This is what makes Acris Keep In Touch so different from any other CRM system on the market.  It’s low cost and affordable.  There’s just a one-off set-up fee for the builders’ option of $675.  After that, it is $299 per year, making it exceptionally good value.

Question 4:         Can you Share information about this automated system that allows you to keep in touch with prospects?

Answer:                 Well, typically the statistics show that for any client to make the buying decision there needs to be at least six points of contact.  These could be phone calls, visits to a website or email.  Traditionally, that’s pretty tough for a building company, especially without a dedicated sales force.  Even with a dedicated sales force it can be pretty difficult and that’s because of phoning potential clients and chasing them when they may have just made an initial enquiry and are not ready to move into a buying position.  So the strategy here should all be about information, educating clients.  It is very difficult to do that unless you can get them into a display home, arrange face-to-face meetings, or get them to accept you phone calls. Yet e-mail marketing in a passive sense, where you are not overtly trying to sell, but you are just educating them about the construction industry has proved to be a great solution to this problem.  We have hundreds of examples of clients thanking builders for the information, either by replying to emails or phoning the builders up and thanking them.  It builds trust, it builds rapport and it’s non-invasive.  It’s a solution for the modern day.

Question 5:         What kinds of companies are using Acris Keep In Touch?

Answer:                 Well, originally Acris Keep In Touch was launched as a solution for residential builders.  However, we do have sub-contractors using the system and suppliers. Even hairdressers and restaurants are now using Acris Keep In Touch, so it really is a solution that can be applied to any business in any industry.

Question 6:         With the world going mobile, how does Acris integrate with smart phones to access data and keep leads hot?

Answer:                 Well, Acris Keep In Touch is an e-mail solution and most central clients who are looking to build a home will access their e-mails on their smart phones.  Embedded links will bring up web pages and websites really need to be mobile friendly now.  As well as providing the communication tool, Acris Keep In Touch, Acris Services also build lead generation and prospect converting websites.  We also produce mobile websites and we also provide SEO services that help those websites to remain on the first page of Google.

Question 7:         A number of my readers are in the media.  As we conclude this interview, what two things would you want them to know about the uniqueness of your services?

Answer:                 1.     All of our software, whether it be 1,000 marketing solutions, safety solutions, accounting or project management is Cloud based.  Cloud based really is the only solution modern businesses should be considering.

2.  The other uniqueness is that we provide free, on-going training and support for all our solutions.  Now, how many times have you purchased a piece of software and then had to pay out extra for training, or you phoned up for support, only to be told that it’s a training issue and be asked for more money?  We never want that to happen with our clients.  Therefore we provide free, on-going training and support.  The reason we do this is because our claim is that all of our software is intuitive and easy to use and we back that up with our guarantee.  If you are stuck on anything we are always here to support you.

To learn more about Acris Keep In Touch – here’s your link:


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