An interview with Craig Stafford “The Think Happy Guru” on his new book: ThinkHappy: Nine Thought Paths to Happiness

  • You’ve written Think Happy – Nine Thought Paths to Happiness.  What motivated you to write this book? 

ThinkHappyPaperbackTo be honest, I did not wake up one day and say I want to write a book. Thinkhappy: Nine Thought Paths to Happiness is a byproduct of what I call “a divine coercion” – a gentle yet aggressive inner compulsion to share with others what was illuminated to me through the Biblical studying of Philippians 4:8 (the verse that inspired the actual title of the book). I had a real life magical moment; a moment where everything inside me sparkled and became crystal clear. Oprah, calls it a aha moment. Doing business with the divine is a guaranteed way to be successful.

  • Give us some background on you.

I am a PK (Preachers Kid) who did not resemble what was expected of kids of preachers – well behaved and proper. I was the total opposite – well misbehaved and improper. I was a bastard child; I had severe anger issues, got kicked out of school, and was professionally labeled as having LD (learning disability). I was an at-risk youth at its best. Because my mother’s undying love, she talked with her sister, and through a family intervention I was sent to live with my aunt in Texas. That is when my life changed from an “F” and “D” student to a “A” and “B” student, from at-risk to at-results, from a Preachers Kid to an Ordained Minister. Now, I am an author, motivational speaker and coach purposed to teach people how to think positive.

  • Who is your target market for your book and what do you hope to accomplish in sharing your work?

Given my background, ThinkHappy: Nine Thought Paths to Happiness is ideal for: fatherless children, at-risk youth, and kids dealing with various learning and emotional challenges as well as people facing depression, unemployment, and health issues in general. ThinkHappy is an awesome tool for business owners/entrepreneurs. It is my hope that the world gains a higher sense of who it is – a new worldview – that lasting happiness, true self-worth, success, wealth, world peace and equality begins with one positive thought. ThinkHappy is Universal Mind Care.

  • You talk about reversing negative patterns.  Share some of your insight in that area.  It seems interesting!

The first step to reversing negative thoughts, thought patterns, and behavior is by accepting the fact that it is okay to think negative. What we permit relents. In the same measure, Swiss psychotherapist and psychiatrist, Carl Jung propagates why by saying, “what you resist persist.” Thoughts like emotions are designed to come and go. Negative thoughts only become “negative” when they stay too long and dominate everything else. Ironically, negative thoughts that come and go are positive in nature because they teach us to strive for better.

  • You talk about nine thought patterns.  Can you share more detail about one and how that might help your readers?

One of the nine thought paths is, Worth; worth is life’s equalizer and stabilizer. It puts everyone on equal footing – the haves and have not’s, the known and unknown, the liked and un-liked all live by one supreme law -the Law of Existence. The Law of Existence declares everyone and everything that exists is worth the same. Death befalls us all, which is the greatest example of equal footing and the greatest teacher of the Law of Existence. The moment this law is embraced fully is the moment a flood-gate of happiness swooshes in. The well of your soul will never run dry.

  • You talk about folks not being able to push your buttons.  Explain how it is possible to move past that?

When we have not learned how to control our emotions, we are susceptible to other people controlling them for us. People control our emotions by pushing our buttons – emotional triggers that set us off to behave in a negative way. Controlled emotions are not to be mistaken with constricted emotions. Our buttons are linked to pet peeves, insecurities and entitlements. In other words, our buttons are linked to our belief system – a belief of you versus me. We move past people pushing our buttons by moving past our beliefs associated with that button. Adopting an oneness mindset – seeing everyone as a mirror image of ourselves will transform us from taking offense to being compassionate and patience.

  • A number of my readers are in the media, so as we conclude this interview – what two things would you want them to know about the uniqueness of your book?

ThinkHappy can be viewed as (1) an oxymoron that presents Greek philosophy without the “that is so Greek” complexities. After reading my book, readers will actually say “take me to the Greek.” And (2) ThinkHappy is a mental happy meal with nine toys for the reader to play with known as thought paths and the Think Happy Game.

Here’s a link to the book:


One Response to An interview with Craig Stafford “The Think Happy Guru” on his new book: ThinkHappy: Nine Thought Paths to Happiness

  1. I really enjoyed the Q/A! A happy life begins with a happy mind.

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