The First Pillar – An interview with author Roy Huff

  • You wrote a book entitled “The First Pillar.”  Give my readers a synopsis of your book. 

IMG_2131The story starts out with an 18 year old college freshman who gets pulled into a fantasy world that he at first is not sure is real. He quickly realizes that it is real and that there are sinister forces as well as incredibly fantastic elements within the world that impact the earthly realm. He discovers that he has a special connection to this world and he alone can stop darker elements from this world from harming both the good in Everville and the earthly realm. The story depicts his journey in the fantasy world as well as his self discover and training with the assistance of his friends and the species of creatures called the Fron and The Keepers in Everville.

  •  How did “The First Pillar” come about?  What was your motivation to write this fantasy book?

This actually started out as a descriptive paper for one of my English classes for one of my degrees. The paper became the basis for chapter one in the book. It got several comments from fellow classmates that wanted to read an entire book about Everville. After repeated requests, I decided to follow through and finish the story.

  • You talk about saving the world against the dark forces.  Do you think there is a correlation between your fantasy world and the reality of today?

There is a strong theme related to good versus evil in the book, but I think that concept is universal. It’s applicable today as it is any day. In the story, though, we have the luxury of knowing that one side is evil and one side is good. In real life, it may be a little more difficult to determine and there of often many shades of grey.

  • What do you hope your readers will gain through reading “The First Pillar”?

First and foremost, I hope it will be an enjoyable read. I also devoted a significant portion of the story to world creation as in Tolkien’s Middle Earth. This book is shorter than most epic fantasy books, so hopefully readers will be able to get through it much quicker and have a fresh understanding of the fantasy realm Everville. I hope to expound upon that significantly in future books in the series. My goal is to create a detailed fantasy world as in depth as other great fantasy worlds with each volume expounding upon the last. I also spent significant time on character development to help the readers to connect with the characters on a personal level. The hope is to eventually have this done as a screenplay that can be put on screen. The book is written in such as way that readers should be able to visualize the story unfolding on film.

  • Look forward one year and share with my readers what you see as the future for your book or others to follow.

The story finishes leaving the readers wanting more. There is a clear direction for the second book in the series and it will begin where the first one leaves off. I gave the readers a nice resolution at the ending, but there are still many questions that need to be answered and a few problems that need to be resolved. This will serve as the main plot driver for the second book. I also hope that the world creation aspect of the story will stick with the readers and that it will develop a life of its own.

  • What makes “The First Pillar” a must read?

Everville2From the feedback I’ve gotten with my advanced manuscripts, Everville: The First Pillar is an easy read that flows well and one that you can’t put down. In addition to the style of writing, it’s an engaging story that is easy to relate to and creates a clear villain and hero with a few characters that the readers will still be uncertain about. The characters are very humanized, and there is a visual component to the story that will allow the readers to imagine the story in their minds without too much difficulty. I think many novels tend to lose the reader with a lot of confusing dialogue. The way my story is written, readers will understand what’s going on without much difficulty, which will allow them to enjoy to more descriptive aspects of the story.

  • A number of my readers are in the media, so as we conclude this interview – what two things would you want them to know about the uniqueness of your book?

While the underlying concepts are universal, this story does a good job of bringing together many different aspects of fantasy fiction in a way that’s easy to follow and flows well. I also think that it uniquely combines elements from various fantasy genres that will engage both younger readers and adults. The novel creates a unique fantasy world that will leave readers wanting more.

You can purchase the book here –


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