“Beer and Seed” an interview with the creators of this Indie film!

1. Your indie movie entitled “Beer and Seed – The Movie” has received quite a buzz. Tell me about the movie.

beer_seed bannerYes, the critics and press have been nice, so far. Beer & Seed is a dark comedy about an older student (veteran) who returns to college for a second chance. It doesn’t go so well.

2. How did “Beer and Seed” get started and who are the principals behind this indie movie?

As a job, I am a Wedding DJ and Event Producer. But, for a hobby, I am a writer. I started with books, 2 on amazon, comedy writing, then screenplay shorts and onto the feature, Beer & Seed.

3. You state that “Beer and Seed is a back to school film” so is that your audience?

Funny, since there is a fair amount of college vice in the film that it would test good with college students, and it has. But, what we underestimated the fans we have made with older adults. Seems they want to be heard like “Bill” (Navy Veteran) the main character.

4. What was the must fun part of creating this film?

Working with all the wonderful talent. Writing a book is boring, writing a screenplay and see it come to life is like birthing a child with multiples of artistic people contributing to the mosaic.

5. What are the most significant challenges associated with producing an indie film?

LRW-6297Follow through to completion. It took me 3 years from concept, to script, pre-production, shoot, post, soundtrack, finish, packaged and available. If I would have known everything it takes and how long and many hurdles I would going to have to scale, I’m not sure I would start it. But, once I started, there was no choice to not finish.

6. What makes your film distinctive from others in the market?

Thousands and thousands of indie films are released every year. However, most are documentaries, people with a camera on waiting for something neat to happen. Beer & Seed is a scripted, biting dark comedy. And one other thing, the sound track jams harder than any film in its category. I’m a DJ, I would have it no other way.

7. A number of my readers are in the media, so as we conclude this interview – what two things would you want them to know about the uniqueness of your film?

Beer & Seed was nominated for Best Indie Feature 2012 – C-47 Magazine, (Houston, tx). Thank you for supporting Indie Films.

beer_seed_logo_01A Beer and Seed movie review

A Funny Movie that we’ll be watching again!

This was an enjoyable film that had us laughing throughout the entire movie. Favorite parts? Well, we agree the song, “I love the Fat Chicks” was the funniest and completely hilarious, and the bathroom scene was a close second, and I loved Sue. Seed’s character was the most realistic for sure as the stoner/local drug dealer, just too funny as it reminded me of my college days. The storyline was well played with Bill playing the straight role just trying to get by amidst a collection of stereotypical college misfits. This was a funny film that we will be watching again. Investing in Indie Movies are well worth the time and effort as these folks can do what the big studios won’t. Count me in as a supporter of Indie Films with movies like this. Great Stuff


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