Living in Grace – an Interview with Beca Lewis!

  • You wrote a book entitled “Living in Grace – The Shift To Spiritual Perception.”  Give my readers a synopsis of your book.

Beca_LewisThis book explains, in detail, the power of perception. It guides the reader to the understanding that it is our point of view, and state of mind—our perception— that determines the way we experience the world, and our lives.

The intent of this book is to bridge the belief system of living in a physical world to the actuality that everything is spiritual, and already perfect—this fact hidden only by our perception.

Living In Grace, provides practical tools to make this Shift; Tools like The 7 Steps To Shift and an eight step-by-step system based on the word GRACIOUS, which makes the necessary process of perception-shifting easy to remember and simple to use.  Living in Grace can be purchased here!

  • How did “Living in Grace” come about?  What was your motivation to write this book?

I had to write this book, but first I had to teach the class called The Shift® that became this book.  I believe we all have something that impels us through our life, and the concept and ideas found in this book have been with me as long as I remember.

However, I knew I had to refine them, make sense of them, and be able to teach them so that others could benefit from what I knew to be True.

I taught (and actually still teach) the class, the system, called The Shift® for 5 years before I even started writing.

I wanted to be sure what I was teaching actually worked. Then it took me another 4 years to write, and rewrite, until I was satisfied that it made sense both spiritually and practically.

Then 9/11 happened and my publisher was afraid of taking the risk of putting this book out.  For me, it meant exactly the opposite.  It was the time.

I called my husband and said, “We have just enough money to self-publish this book, and I know this is something I have to do.” He agreed, and we managed to get the first edition out in two months.

No matter how many other books I may write, this is the book that I had to write. I felt that if I left the world the next day, I would have fulfilled my purpose.

  • You talk about us being prisoners of perception.  Tell me what that means to you?

I used to work as a Certified Financial Planner. One day, I was showing a young woman a financial plan that I knew would work for her. It was simple, practical, and wealth building.

She couldn’t see it. It wasn’t that my plan wouldn’t work; it was her perception of herself that stopped her from doing it because it did not include simple, practical, and wealth building.

This is a perfect example of how we all live our lives, ingrained and encased in perceptions both conscious and unconscious. Until we learn how to shift out of those perception, or paradigms, we will remain locked in them forever.

Effectively we build our own prison cells. What makes it crazy is that we stay there, because once we are willing to shift to an enlarged, and expanded perception, those bars begin to dissolve.

  • How do you envision your book helping your readers unlock those chains that might bind them?

1153668_CoverThe key is, what we perceive to be reality magnifies™. I say this all the time. I will say it forever, because it is the key to unlocking those chains.  This is a law that we can use in our favor.  We get to choose our own perceptions. There is nothing at all that requires us to take someone else’s perception, and lock ourselves away with it.

Since what we perceive to be reality magnifies, then why not pick the best, most perfect reality conceivable and magnify—live—that one. This is what I call spiritual perception.

This book, and all my other books, give the readers specific tools to make that shift. I get the most pleasure out of life when I hear those chains dropping from others and myself, knowing I had some small part in it.

To me this is the same as saying, “Ye shall know the truth, and the truth will make you free.”

  • What do you hope your readers will gain through reading “Living in Grace”?

Freedom!  The ability to choose, the tools to choose, and the willingness to choose a spiritual perception that will set them free.

  • Look forward one year and share with my readers what you see as the future for your book or others to follow.

My dream is to have this book, and my other books, well known enough that anyone who has the desire to shift to a spiritual perception will have heard of it, and will know where to find it.

  • What makes “Living in Grace” a must read?

I think that one of my readers said this best:

“I could say the book is terrific and it is. But better than terrific, the book is important. It is important in that everyone should read it. The message of the book presented with conviction is that thoughts are things and we need to watch what we think for the good of ourselves and mankind. Ms. Lewis gets down to what is probably real, what is core, and that therefore makes an important book…better than merely a terrific book.”

  • A number of my readers are in the media, so as we conclude this interview – what two things would you want them to know about the uniqueness of your book?

Many books talk around this subject. However, none of approach the subject fully, or in a language anyone can understand.

This book is not a “positive thinking” book, nor is it about a secret.

This book is how anyone can take a proven law of perception and learn how to use it practically.

It is not about magical thinking. Instead, it is a profound, and thought provoking book that gives people the reasons, the explanations, and the tools for living their true spiritual nature now in everyday life, so that “everyday life” reveals heaven on earth.

I have been writing a bi-monthly Ezine for 14 years, called—of course—The Shift Ezine.  It can be found here:


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