The Profits Academy – a solution helping business owners get into the Sales and Marketing mindset!

Your business focuses on helping business market better. Give my readers an understanding of exactly what that means and how The Profits Academy can help?

imran_md_aliMost businesses are domain experts at what they do. A dentist is really great at solving cavity issues.

A tanning salon knows how to get their clients looking great. However, they mostly lack business acumen. Too many people venture into the business world being good at what they do, but neglecting to learn enough about the core fundamentals of business, which are still the 2 pillars of sales and marketing.

The Profits Academy provides a portal where we give out free how-to videos and tutorials as well as seminars and workshops to help business owners get into the sales and marketing mindset.

How did The Profits Academy get started and who are the principals behind this business enterprise?

The Profits Academy was conceived in 2011, after my other businesses which included an art gallery, manpower supply company, education marketing business called Education Profit Systems, a publishing firm as well as online marketing services. What I learned during the journey was shocking that small business success principles was pretty much duplicatible and can be systematized into processes. I found that the advice i gave friends helped them create their own profitable businesses within 3 months or less!

And so i decided to launch TPA full time to help even more other businesses.

In the banner of your web site featured is info on On-Line Lead Generation. It says “Start Generating More Leads from Your Website today” How?

Simple. Search engines are the #1 source of fresh targeted leads you can get today. It’s reliable and you can calculate the exact return on investments if you choose to go down this route. Too many business websites have plain vanilla positioning. They talk about prices, opening hours, name, etc. There is no differentiation.

To get more leads from your website, you have to give away compelling information and useful advice. You must set up a way of generating consistent traffic, and finding a way of capturing names and emails onl your landing page. My personal favorite is

What will your clients gain through working with you in this arena?

They will get an inside look at how i run my own business, and I will help accelerate the success curve for them. When someone consults with another person, essentially what they are getting is simply a platform to avoid the mistakes done by the consultant in previous years of his own business, and get a shortcut access to the ones that works.

Look forward one year and share with my readers what you see as the future for the economy and your business niche.

The future of the economy is expertise. People, more than ever before crave leaders. Leaders who are thought leaders in their industry. So my advice is, write a book, get some media you can be published on, and start establishing yourself as an expert. The obvious truth is that the masses will seek out experts to solve their problems in the future.

What makes your firm the firm of choice?

10stepWe don’t take in all clients who come through the front door. We make sure that the potential client runs a business we are SURE we can help. We make sure that they have the same mindset as us. If not, we send them back to read through our web articles to understand how we approach marketing and sales.

Because an effective marketing strategy is one which is implemented well. No use getting a client who hires you but doesn’t follow your strategies ruthlessly.

A number of my readers are in the media, so as we conclude this interview – what two things would you want them to know about the uniqueness of your organization or product/service?

Sure Chuck. Thanks for the opportunity. My bold claim is this. ANY organisation that comes through the door and consults with me, or attends my seminars and workshops, will multiply their profits right away. Otherwise, hey can just approach my accounts team and be given a courteous refund, no questions asked.

I’m not in the business of just dispensing advice. My goal is to actually effect real distinguishable change in other people’s businesses.


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