An Interview related to an interesting new product –

MY QR Resume Interview

  • I have had the opportunity to interview a number of businesses, but this is one of the most interesting ideas I’ve seen.  Explain to my readers what is. is a recently launched site that provides assistance to all job seekers and employers by creating professional mobile resumes that can be used by all job seekers instead of sending the usual hard copy of their resumes to all employers.

  • What was your motivation creating this fascinating service? was created to provide assistance and convenience to all employers when looking for the applicants who are competent and efficient for the job vacancy they offer. The mobile resume offered by will ease the search for qualified applicants for the employers. It would also help the job seekers in saving money from printing hard copies of their resume and transportation cost as they only need to send the QR code of their mobile resumes to their potential employers.

  • This is not the typical “resume” – how did you arrive at the concept and solutions that you share?

We were hiring talented people for a position in our company and we were receiving so many resumes daily. I found out that all the resumes looked the same! The worst part about this is that by the end of the day we could not remember any of those people by their resumes. This proved to me that something is wrong in all these resumes and those things were: not being unique, and not being easy to navigate. All these resumes were paper resumes or a PDF version of what they later printed to submit to us. Going through such resumes is pretty time consuming and boring. Since I have a background in design, I decided to create a resume that is more appealing to the eye, more interesting, more effective, and of course much easier to navigate.

  • So walk us through the process of how, as a job seeker, I would use your service?

You can visit and check our website and our guidelines. There, we will take you through the process of having your own digital resume.

  • Most companies are still locked into collecting resume’s via a major provider or on paper.  How does this cool resume on a smart phone get to the decision maker?

NimaThis service offered by us provides utmost help for the job seekers as they only need to send the QR codes of their digital resumes to their potential employers. The employers will just have to scan the QR codes of the submitted digital resumes to them. The employers will gain instant access to the digital resumes submitted by those people who wish to become a part of their company.

  • A number of my readers are in the media, so as we conclude this interview – what two things would you want them to know about the uniqueness of your product?

The mobile resume services offered by are functional and mobile-friendly. These also provide a professional look for the mobile resumes owned by the persons who will use this latest and advanced mobile service.

At the end I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to talk to your readers and fans about our services.


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