Business Ideas for Book Lovers – An Interview with Brillante Nice

1.    You’ve written a book entitled “Business Ideas for Book Lovers” tell my readers a bit about your book.

Book_Cover_-_Business_Ideas_For_Book_Lovers(1)First of all, thanks Chuck for this interview slot and thanks everyone for reading this. Valentine is coming and if you are still looking for something different this year, this book is a perfect gift to all book lovers and book fans regardless of genres. Good books can give us so much pleasure during our free time and exceptional comfort in times of trial. So why not turn your deep passion towards books into a fun entrepreneur lifestyle? Business Ideas for Book Lovers is a blueprint that will inspire you to start multiple businesses that revolve around books in the shortest period of time with minimal setup costs.  Check out my website:

2.    What was your motivation in writing this book?

I am a book lover myself and I grew up with tons of books surrounding me (because my parents are retired teachers who love to collect books). Currently, I help individual people to launch their dream business. Most businesses are related to our interest in which in this case it relates to passion towards books. Book fans and book lovers are everywhere and we are talking about a multi-billion industry! But I can’t find any business idea books specifically written for book lovers, particularly as to how they can generate income from book-related businesses. So, when clients started to ask me to suggest any books that specifically address this topic, it prompted me to do some research and I ended up writing it. There’s a saying by Toni Morrison where he said “If there’s a book you really want to read but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it“. Here you go!

3.    You mention that your book outlines 15 unique businesses that you could start this weekend.  Care to mention and expound on two?

If you automate and outsource your business process, you can have your business up and running within minutes nowadays! Refer my Bonus Chapter.

One of the businesses that I showcase is the book dating services whereby you connect people based on the books they like in common through social networking sites. Initially you could act as the middle person between the couples but eventually you could actually end up hosting a “book theme” wedding concept. Now, how cool is that?

The other business opportunity that book lovers can explore is the virtual book museum. If you are big fans of vampires for example, you can setup an online gallery and showcase any scholarly research, philosophical writings, celebrated novels or even ancient spells related to it in a ghostly manner! All you need is a creative web designer who can turn your unique concept into a viral phenomenon. Gangnam Style anyone?

4.    Which of the 90 income ideas mentioned in your book is of most interest to you and why?

Brillante_Nice_-_About_Me_Image(1)There are multiple sources of income mentioned in this book. You can gain direct income, residual income or recurring income depending on the types of business that you choose. To answer your question, have you ever thought of renting out your books collections to coffee houses, beauty centers or car wash centers and regularly rotates the collections among your friends to provide unique experience to their customers? This is no brainer because you can use your existing resources and start your business within a day! Similarly you can help private individuals to set up a personal library at their homes by purchasing books on their behalf according to their favourite categories. It’s not that difficult if you speak the language of determination.

5.    What do you hope the reader will gain from your book?

I hope readers can enjoy the pleasure of books to the maximum. That is an understatement actually. This book enables book lovers to explore new possibilities and reap business profits from their passion towards books. I put on my website a remarkable quotation from the late Robert Green Ingersoll that reads “The time to be happy is NOW. The place to be happy is HERE. The way to be happy is to make OTHERS so“. Do not settle on your dreams, take your chances and launch recession proof businesses from the comfort of your home. This book will show you how.

6.    How, by the way, did you go about selecting the strategies and ideas included in your book?

The ideas and strategies highlighted in this book are based on real businesses. I extracted the part that contributes to their success and combined some of them with my business consulting experience. My focus is to expose the readers with proven business models without limiting their income opportunities. You can be creative and unique in any way you want but at the same time you can also draw your inspirations from successful entities. This will lead to exciting business evolutions. You will come across some stories, tricks and tips that you are unfamiliar with but end up asking yourself “why not?” or “why didn’t I think of it?” I assure readers that all the ideas and strategies can be done from any locations, by anyone at anytime.

7.    A number of my readers are in the media, so as we conclude this interview – what two things would you want them to know about the uniqueness of your book?

This book invites the readers to live an exciting lifestyle and answer the call of four great minds; the revered John C. Maxwell in “Dare to Dream”, Tim Ferriss in “The 4hour Workweek”, Chris Guillebeau in “The $100 Startup” and Jesse Krieger in “Lifestyle Entrepreneur” without any hesitation (which I have included in the Bonus Chapter). This book has proven that book lovers are not necessarily nerds or those who are lost in their own thoughts. The ideas and strategies in this book are influenced by the works of great authors and it offers life-changing opportunities that go beyond the setup of traditional bookstore and printing businesses. Thank you and enjoy your reading!

To purchase a copy visit:


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