Bloggerdise – A New Online Site Connecting Bloggers with Business

A New Online Site Invites Bloggers to “Bloggerdise”: Connects Businesses with Bloggers To Expand Their Brands

New York, New York. 2/18/2013. You may not realize it now but pretty soon, “Bloggerdising” will be a part of the public lexicon. Before you over think it, remember the first time you heard someone say facebooking or texting?” is an exciting new online site that matches businesses with bloggers. Bloggerdising, then, is the act of advertising products and services that bloggers choose to write about.  The site is a proverbial matching site where bloggers can go to find potential topics to write about and they benefit from specials and offers from the businesses they select. has taken off quickly with over 6,500 member boxes. Members include artists, celebrities, bands, authors and all sorts of business owners. Big brand companies, such as and Etsy, are also promoted on the site through links to member offerinngs. And the connection does not end when a blogger finds a good match. Members enjoy cross promoting in the message posting areas all throughout the site. On any given day a new author may post a sweet deal that is only available for a short time or another business may offer free products to those who “click now.”

The site is the brainchild of a pretty savvy team that includes Jesse Cohen, Omar Padron, Jin Park and Eric Rogow. Jesse Cohen, talked about how he and the other co-founders figured out there was a need and filled it. “In this cash-strapped economy we just wanted to be able to help an artist, charity, or small business be heard through the unique voices of our bloggers,” he said.

Using the site is simple. Log onto the site and register for free. Then create a box by clicking on the “Post an Offer” option. And that is all that is needed to go live on the site. When bloggers are ready to find offers and giveaways for their blogs, all they need to do is click on the business or bloggers tab and search. Everything from Art to Authors to Health and Relationships and more is available to select from. Several charities and animal shelters have flocked there as well to find help expanding their reach. Click on the boxes of interest, get the contact info and reach out to the respective contacts listed.

JesseThe site offers several tools for members to easily engage and interact with each other. Members can also engage social media directly. They can Facebook “like” and use Facebook to comment on the Bloggerdise boxes and posts; or they can reach out via their personal Twitter and YouTube accounts.

In a challenging economic environment, now small businesses and artists have a place to promote themselves for next to nothing. It is a win win for all. For more information or to become a member, visit:

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