An Interview with Jason Lohman and His New Book: My True Life Stories of Spiritual Warefare and the Paranormal…


New_Kindle_MTLSSP_coverThroughout my childhood, I encountered many spiritual entities that caused me and my family a great deal of fear.  Because my parental influences were not Christian or Bible-believing, these entities continued to take control over our family and continue the fear that we lived through described in my book.  As I reached adulthood, I became a born again Christian and self-studied spiritual warfare.  It was from this accumulated knowledge that I understood and found the answers to send spiritual entities away.

  • What was your motivation in writing this book?


For someone that has lived through the situations and intense fear that I lived through, I wanted to ensure others did not have to experience this same trauma, especially children.  The study that I conducted brought me to the realization that we have authority over demonic influences (or the paranormal).

  • You state “This subject of the paranormal is a touchy subject with many individuals and with many Christians.”  What kind of reception have you found toward your book from folks in the Christian community?


At first I did not think Christians would warmly receive this subject (spiritual warfare or the paranormal) as many churches do not touch on these subjects.  However, much to my surprise, most of my readers to date, have described this as a must read book for all Christians.

  • You speak about the trauma you received as a child – please share with my readers some of those childhood traumas and how they impact you today.


The most outstanding example would be the ‘shadow man’ that visited my bedside on one night and then physically held me against my will in my bed.  These two incidents struck me with the most compelling fear that I have ever experienced.  To this day, the ‘shadow man’ figure is still clearly imprinted on my mind.  Its impact was the basis for the birthing of this book.

  • You refer to “unwelcomed guests” – what/who are they and where do they come from?


When I say “unwelcomed guests”, I am referring to any spiritual entities that are not wanted in your home or your life.  In my own words I describe how I believe most of these “unwelcomed guests” are of demonic influences, also known as demons.  I, for one, do not have all the evidence that human spirits are able to linger behind.  However, many of my experiences would have you believing that they do, in fact, linger behind.  This is the reason why I included a chapter generously contributed by author and pastor, Dr. Richard Ing.  The chapter is entitled “Ghosts”.  Dr. Ing is the author of the book, ‘Waging Spiritual Warfare’.

  •  Your book provides tools and knowledge to fight the paranormal.  What are two tools that readers might identify with to fight paranormal activity?


I believe paranormal activity is mostly produced by demons.  The tools that I mention in my book are the possession of the Holy Spirit and the Word of God.  Some of my readers initially may not understand, or believe, that these two tools offer the power to banish these unwelcomed guests.  I, however, believe that after reading the due diligence that I have conducted over the years, one will then understand the threat these two tools have on unwelcomed guests.

  • A number of my readers are in the media, so as we conclude this interview – what two things would you want them to know about the uniqueness of your book?


First, I believe my book offers a helpful instructional guide that breaks down exactly what needs to be done to banish these unwelcomed guests.  There are various books and television programs which simply highlight the problem of paranormal events or evil spirits, but fail to outline the necessary tools needed to rid of these entities.

Secondly, individuals unknowingly bring unwanted visitors into their homes and lives not only by lack of the Holy Spirit but also by items, practices, beliefs and many other less obvious invitations for these foreign invaders.  Most readers are surprised by the simplest everyday invaders that I have outlined and defined in my book.

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