When Prostate Cancer Returns – The Great Health Insurance Run-around! – Part 8

I am becoming more firmly convinced that the health care system is so screwed up that recovery is challenging at best.  Wonder if we should call in palliative care for our health care system?

Blue Cross Blue Shield LogoMany of you have been following my journey dealing with recurring Prostate Cancer.  Treatable?  Yes!  Easy?  No!!!


Yesterday was a red-letter day when it comes to getting the run-around from all sources.  Even the great Mayo Clinic contributed (but we’ll get to that later).  Since this is in two parts – the first part was posted yesterday and can be seen here:  https://chuckgallagher.wordpress.com/2013/11/26/health-insurance-companies-and-the-ethics-of-health-care-you-aint-gonna-believe-this/

In my case since I was denied the test that I need to identify the source of my recurrent prostate cancer, I elected to call Blue Cross – Blue Shield of SC.  Ooops…calling – well that’s not possible.  Rather you have to communicate through their BC/BS website (something I can do, but not sure it’s easy for all customers/patients).  The connection with BC/BS was to appeal their denial.

BC/BS says – Sorry, but National Imaging Association is who issued the pre-approval denial and they would have to be the ones to reconsider.  Fair enough…

So I call National Imaging Association and was told that I was denied because the Mayo Clinic in its submission for approval indicated “Prostate Cancer” but did not provide a “tissue diagnosis”?  Bureaucratic bulls**t.  What tissue is there to diagnose?  My PSA is rising and that has only one practical source – recurrent prostate cancer.


Mayo Clinic LogoFollowing the logical process…I follow up with the Mayo Clinic pre-certification folks and am told that they have done all they can do and that a peer-to-peer might be in order.  Seems reasonable to me.  So I am told to talk to Dr. Kwon’s admin to seek his help.

Moments later I talk to Dr. Kwon’s admin and, well I must have called either on a bad day or too late in the day.

“Why are you calling me?”

“The folks at the Mayo pre-authorization or certification dept told me to call as a peer-to-peer might be in order,” was my response.  They just told me this minutes ago.

“They shouldn’t be doing this.  Dr. Kwon is not going to do a peer-to-peer with an insurance company.  Do you mind if I put you on hold while I resolve this with the pre-authorization dept.  They should have never had you call me.”

On hold…and I’m thinking “well that didn’t go well” – as the patient what message was sent that my doctor who is the champion of this particular procedure would not do a peer-to-peer.  I really do get it…that is time and time is money, but reality is if that is what is required surely there is a solution other than complaining about receiving a re-referral from another department within the Mayo organization.


I’m becoming more and more confident that the insurance company game is played this way:  DENY! – wait and see if the patient or doctor’s office gives up = INSURANCE COMPANY WINS!

Well, I don’t give up that easily either with the insurance company or the Mayo Clinic.

Looks like its back to the phones for me!


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