Stuck in Prison – Gordon Grigg scheduled for Release…Early!

Gordon Grigg…scheduled for release 9/29/2014.

Gordon GriggSeems the court has had a change of heart when it comes to Mr. Grigg.  Wonder what his victims have to say about his early release?

Here’s the earlier report:

5 Responses to Stuck in Prison – Gordon Grigg scheduled for Release…Early!

  1. no flash says:

    not August release he is out now with ankle bracelet in tow. lot of talk about career possiblities but I suspect these are BS just like his investments.
    He still does not get it still preaching at others using Jesus in perverted manner. I feel for his family as there is still no humbleness there even after being in Federal prison for stealing peoples hard earned money or even worse widow’s life savings.

  2. Duped says:

    He is out. Ankle monitor is off. Him and his wife each drive brand new cars and live in a nice big house. Looks like he learned his lesson????

    Still preaching to others and claims no responsibility for his actions

    • Understand he is back in life coaching business. If anyone seeks hope or advice from this coach they will loose. When will they ever learn, we all will have to stand in judgement for what we have done. He will not be able to con his way out of that one.

  3. Jeff Dolan says:

    Grew up with Mr.Grigg in Richmond VA lived next store to the family for 5 years Gordon can’t believe it!

  4. Matt Anderson says:

    Hello Chuck,
    My name is Matt Anderson. Can you help me get in touch with Mr Grigg. Rumor has it that he is in the porn business now. He has made videos with my ex wife and some prominent people in Franklin TN. I am trying to get custody of my kids and a video would be a powerful exhibit A. Thanks.

    Matt Anderson

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