LINK – A New Book – Interview with D A Karr

Ms. Karr, you’ve written a book entitled “Link” Tell my readers a bit about your book.

As the Earth shifts on its axis, mankind is caught in a war of survival and time. Imprisoned in this time war, Captain John Garrick and the N.S.T.E.A. Phoenix becomes a pawn between technology, humans, and what’s left of civilization.

LinkFront300dpiHowever, no amount of careful planning can prepare the time jumpers for the dangerous enemy that seems to predict their every move. As the N.S.T.E.A seals a deal to deliver time technology to the notorious outlaw, Menser, Garrick plots to undermine the N.S.T.E.A. Technology becomes the enemy and time an illusion as Phoenix’s crew prepares for the inevitable – a fight to the finish. The future can be uncertain; then again, it could be the time jumpers last. Garrick doesn’t live by its rules, and he knows one thing is for sure: kill or be killed. Tick, tick, tick…time liners never die, they never leave.

The title draws the reader in and I sense there is a story behind it.  Please share.

LINK means the connection between man and machine. The command for the ship’s system is link.

What was your motivation in writing this book?

Link is the bi-product of what was once a screenplay, edited over and over, now a novel and thrilling twist on the good versus evil battle. Research was a key component to this book, it proved difficult to find weapon systems, swear words, names, abbreviations, places, and events that never existed. This is a book for all that sci-fi readers in particular will really be thrilled to see. The unwritten problem with sci-fi is, you have to outdo “Star Trek”, “Star Wars”, and other sci-fi giants, which has the market on this picky genre. You have to come up with something they haven’t done, which is almost impossible, until now. This isn’t your normal twist on “The Time Machine”. If you’re a sci-fi follower, then you understand what it takes and appreciate the thought and care that went into this novel. This plotline makes it incredibly qualified to succeed. This paired with attention to key elements and quality details will make it the leader in the industry.

Your employment background is diverse. How has your experience and diversity contributed to writing this book?

I can draw on the intenseness of being in big fires, law enforcement, as well as around the Navy. Military awareness and the chain of command. What it takes to be a soldier.

What do you hope the reader will gain from your book?

What it means to be human. The connection between man and machine. I hope they feel something.

War meets “time jumping”, lessons from the past ignite a debate about what it really means to be human and one man’s tenacity is tested beyond limits in a battle of good and evil.

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How, by the way, did you go about selecting the ideas included in your book?

The main concept was to bring out the issue of man using machines to do everything and how far do you go? I wanted a war story but sci-fi. I have a contrite idea of the apocalyptic world or disaster but I wanted to put a World War II theme in there.

A number of my readers are in the media, so as we conclude this interview – what two things would you want them to know about the uniqueness of your book? 

“The three words “suspenseful”, “intriguing” and “action-filled”; driving the construction of a narrative unlike anything else written before. I can best class it as a Sci-Fi mystery/thriller, where time jumping – something readers wouldn’t have encountered – becomes the only useful way of controlling the human race by machines.

A link to the book is here –


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