Find the Secret to High Social Media Rankings – Get some Klout! An Interview by Chuck Gallagher

December 6, 2012

From time to time you run across a book that is a must read.  I think I might have found one here.  The question is do you have KLOUT?  If you know what I’m talking about then you’re on the right track and if you’re in business and don’t really know…then you need this book.

Social Media Rankings“The Secret to High Social Media Rankings: How to Get Klout is not only an excellent but an important read for general, business owners, marketers, social media specialists,anyone in the PR field, authors, radio personalities, coaches, politicians, musicians and anyone else who makes an impact on the public. You will find out from this ebook the significance of Klout, a tool that measures your social influence across the internet and gives an individual a score.

Below is an interview related to this new ebook!

1. The Secret of High Social Media Rankings – an interesting title! Take us on a journey and let’s start with what motivated you to write this book?

I wrote The Secret of High Social Media Rankings because the fact of the matter is, social media is extremely prevalent to the point that is it taking over not just traditional forms of advertising (radio, TV, print) but the first thing people do if they want to find out about you is to look at your social networks and activity. If you say you are a professional in a particular field but yet there is nothing that you have done online that shows that, no one will take you seriously. The fact of the matter is, what you do online spills onto your offline world. That is how prevalent social media is. Social media is a huge passion of mine and always has been. It took me a while to learn the proper methods of using it but once I learned, it helped me in so many ways that I wanted to help others as well. So I had written this ebook for partially that purpose but I wanted to also teach others how Klout comes into play, and what it is and the importance of it.

2. Share with us your background and where you gain the knowledge to write this work?

I have been involved in internet marketing since 2002, the same year my oldest was born. I hadlearned a lot about internet marketing as well as social media as time had progressed. I am also an astrologer, became certified in 2006 and had had written two other books in the New Age niche but not practicing astrology so much now since I am really focusing on my social media work. I did not do well selling those books initially anyway because the niche was toonarrow and I did not use social media properly to really work it. However since I learned plenty of tricks with social media along the way I have been more successful. However even though I love anything to do with astrology and spirituality, it is not my passion so much now. Social media is. I am also an owner of a business that provides SEO, social media, blogging services and mobile web design and marketing called Gemini Rising Ltd and that has been around since June 2011.

3. A book focused on Social Media Rankings – What are the differences between the leading Social Media offerings and which are most important?

Actually this book is based on Klout. Klout is a company based out of San Francisco that provides social media analytics to measure someone’s influence across major social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and LinkedIn. Klout measures your network size and more importantly how well others in your network respond to your output. Klout measures your engagement with others and if it is high, you are considered to be influential online. The reasonKlout is important is because what you do online spills over to your offline world (I realize I had already said that so you can edit that out if you want) considering that social media is prevalent now and that will continue on. If you are in the marketing, social media, SEO, coaching, writing field or if you are a business owner and professionally working with the public, having a high Klout score is very important. This could be a huge determining factor on whether or not you are given to speaking and guest blogging opportunities. If you are seeking a job in any of those fields, a big determining factor as well is your score in conjunction of your past experience. Having a high score can get you extra nice bonuses such as free hotel upgrades, meals, and other great free or discounted products. Not to mention if you are a business owner, in a matter of time, sooner rather than later, potential clients and customers will be looking at your scores (if they are not already) to see how engaging you truly are. If you are a business owner especially in a field where any kind of marketing is involved and you have a low Klout score, it is an indication that you really are not engaging online which is what a client who wants to hire you is looking for. That alone could get them to search onward for a competitor who may be more active and engaging online.

4. If you were to choose only one concept out of your book to share with our audience, what would it be?

Because social media is so prevalent now, people really need to know how to use social media in a proper way and understand effective methods that will encourage others in their networks to interact with them on a regular basis. I cover the basics in this ebook of what needs to be done in order to be successful with social media which will increase anyone’s Klout score.

5. Obviously people of both genders can benefit from this material, but do you find that men more than women or women more than men can adopt your program more successfully?

It does not matter in regards to gender is concerned. Anyone, male or female would benefit from this book who are in marketing, social media, SEO, web design, coaching, writing, politics, music, art, or any professional field as well as business owners where the public is dealt with on a professional level. More importantly if you want to be considered influential in your field, you must read this book.

6. What makes The Secret of High Social Media Rankings so powerful?

I cover the important aspects of not just what social media is but HOW to work with it properly.

7. What three benefits would you list as being of value for those who read and apply The Secret of Social Media Rankings?

1. Readers will understand how closely they are being watched and learn how to make the best of it it, if someone is applying for a job in marketing or wanting to get a guest speaking opportunity- they need to realize they could easily be turned down for it if they are not considered to be influential enough.

2. Readers will gain a true understanding of why social media is so important and how to make the best use of it.

3. Business owners can learn tricks along the way on how to be more influential than their competitors which could help them steal away their clients/customers.

8. There are quite a few Social Media experts touting books, what makes your book different and a must read?

I can’t say I have read every social media book around but I am not sure how many authors of social media books have gone into detail of how to be influential and engaging on their social networks and WHY it is important to do so.

9. Assume you were directing your next response to those in media – what the one take away that readers should gain from your book?

How to get Klout and be truly influential in their fields over others!

This is a must read book!  Here’s the link:

Go For Now – A book whose time has come! An interview with Richard Fenton & Andrea Waltz

December 4, 2012


From time to time I am privileged to come across a book that can be life changing to those who take the time to read and apply.  “Go For No” just may be one of those books.  I had the opportunity to interview the authors Richard Fenton & Andrea Waltz about their unique approach to success.  The interview is reflected below and I hope that when you read their thoughts you’ll take the time to buy and read the book.  Meanwhile…enjoy the interview!

  • Go For No – an interesting title!  Take us on a journey and let’s start with what motivated you to write this book?

Go for No! is actually an experience that is personal to Richard as the main story in the book actually happened to him.  As for the plot, we’ve always wondered what it would be like to meet the person you will one day become, say 10 or 20 years in the future. What would they (you) be like? What could they teach you? What advice would you give yourself if this were actually possible? And, since we think most people have a fear of failure and rejection… as we have both had… we decided to make that the main theme of the book.

  • Share with us your background and where you gain the knowledge to write this work?

Even before writing the book we would share the concept in half and full day training seminars and it was the thing that people most gravitated to – it was the biggest take-away for the audience. So after hearing that for a couple years we decided to write the book just around this one small topic. And subsequently have created other products as well digging deeper into the nuances of the “no” mindset and strategy.

  • A book focused on NO – Is there a difference between looking at NO in your sales organization vs. looking at YES?

The phrase ‘ go for no’ does seem counter-intuitive and it is. You might think: why focus on no when what I want is the yes?  Ironically avoiding no’s in your organization, your business and even in your life – it is a recipe for mediocre performance!  When you avoid “no” you are actually avoiding “yes” as well.  Intentionally increasing the number of times you hear “no” is the basis for the “Go for No” concept.  To achieve significant success in today’s world, top performers do not see yes and no as opposites; rather opposite sides of the same coin that depend on each other.

  • If you were to choose only one concept out of your book to share with our audience, what would it be?

We share a method in the book that we call “NO GOALS.”

Most of us operate with what are commonly called Yes-Goals… goals for the number of times people say “yes” to us and for how many sales or dollars we need to generate. This approach that we’ve all been taught to use and follow has a serious flaw.   The flaw is that, once we achieve the goal we tend to divert our attention to other tasks, or reward ourselves for our success. But how do we reward ourselves?  By slowing down, by taking time off, or simply getting involved in non-sales oriented tasks like catching up on paperwork!  But there is a better approach that can dramatically increase your performance and that approach is to start setting NO-GOALS instead.  That is, setting a goal for the number of times people do say “no” to you.  And that’s the insidious thing about only having YES-Goals. Sometimes they end up limiting our performance rather than driving it upward.  But if you stay focused on the behaviors necessary to be successful, in this case, hitting your NO-GOALS… the yeses will eventually come.

  • Obviously people of both genders can benefit from this material, but do you find that men more than women or women more than men can adopt your program more successfully?

We find that men and women equally benefit however women seem to gravitate towards the ideas more often… perhaps because they have been programmed far more than men to avoid coming across as pushy or aggressive. Women seem to have more opportunity around removing the fears of ‘no’ and the fears around asking for what they want than men.

  • What makes Go For No so powerful?

The word “no” is debilitating and depressing for most of us. Of course, as we grew up we were taught, by well-meaning parents, teachers, and authority figures that “no” is bad. We associated “no” with rejection and doing something wrong so we felt bad hearing “no”. As we got older, we continued to shrink within our comfort zone and now many people do everything within their power to avoid hearing ‘no.’

Of course, intellectually we can often rationalize that a “no” doesn’t hurt and it’s not personally but somewhere deep inside we don’t like it and often we do take it personally even though we know better. The programming is pretty deep and so the fear and the reluctance will not go away overnight. But the good news is, you can change how you process the no’s and you can change how you think and feel when your hear those no’s.

In doing so, this can radically change your life and your business when ‘NO’ doesn’t stop you anymore!

  • What three benefits would you list as being of value for those who read and apply Go for NO?

The 3 benefits: Reduction in fear of failure and rejection: You will no longer fear failing, you will failure as progress. Next, an Increase in productivity: You will intentionally start to hear ‘no’ more often. Finally, better results in your life: You will start to get more results in business and in life because you are no longer avoiding ‘no’ but you ‘go for no’ and really cool things happen!

  •  You focus attention on sales professionals – do you think that Go For No has applications in areas where there are not direct sales?

Absolutely. We like to say it is a “life” philosophy, not just a “sales” philosophy. It all comes down to having the courage to ask for the sale, or the date, or for whatever. Understanding that, when you ask, you might get a no – but that is far better than not asking at all and giving yourself the NO!

  • Assume you were directing your next response to those in media – what the one take away that readers should gain from your book?

The greatest secret is that successful people do not avoid failures, they literally fail their way to success. ‘NO’ is actually part of the stepping stone along the path to success.