Elisea Frishberg – “Money Money Money!” What a difference two years makes!

June 29, 2011

From 2009 on Fox 26 to today…sometimes its hard to hide the truth.  Then Elisea Frishberg was a multi-millionaire – now we find that the millions she bragged about were scammed from unsuspecting investors. Before reading the discussion below and sharing your comments…watch this video.  It’s quite telling!

The interviewer said, “You’re a multimillionaire, but you were not born with a silver spoon in your mouth.”

Elisea responds, “In everyone’s book what I’ve done is impossible.  I am the co-founder of BizRadio Network.  We reach millions of lives and improve their lives.  We buy businesses.  We build cities.  We have monetary financial advantages, material advantage that I could never imagine I could reach.”

STOP FOR A MOMENT…I’ve got a question.  Does the news media do any (ANY) due diligence on their guests.  Come on – “We build cities.”  What a crock…

The interviewer asks in so many words how did you do this?

Again Elisea states, “For 48 years I wished someone would have come up with a box – a set of instructions – to lower my pain and anxiety.  So that makes you ask what makes you inspired to write this book? So I said I’ll box them up.  I’ll box up everything I’ve learned to get to where I am and I’m inspired and excited and want to give it to your listeners…”

HUM…PERHAPS THE BOOK SHOULD BE USED BY THE FBI…cause if you’ve boxed up all you’ve learned you should find the content to include chapters on: (1) how to scam unsuspecting investors out of their money; (2) How to live off of other people’s money (that they will never get back); (3) How to con the media into believing in the illusion instead of searching for the truth; (4) How to lie with a straight face; and (5) How to thumb your nose that those who supported your vision of a valuable business radio station.

HERE POINTS:  (Ya gotta check these out)

  1. Face Yourself
  2. Do Not Lie To Yourself (wonder if she’s O.K. with lying to others since that seems to be what happened?)
  3. Know What You Really Want (again wonder if she knew that was other people’s money?)

Elisea ends the interview by saying what people really want is MONEY…MONEY…MONEY!  Well…she got it.  The problem was it was other people’s money.  Wonder now what she has to say about that show?


One Step Ahead of the SEC – The Mystery behind Dan Frishberg – The Brains Elisea Frishberg – who knew?

June 29, 2011

I feel like I owe my readers an apology.  All this time I thought that “The Money Man” Dan Frishberg was the brains behind the massive theft involved with what is now known as BizRadio.  But it looks like I was wrong.  Seems that all was an illusion.  Perhaps Dan was not that smart after all, cause now the truth behind the myth appears – Elisea!  Shocked…well no, rather mystified.  Read this recent announcement by Elisea and then let’s talk…

I’m Elisea Frishberg and I’ve served as Executive Producer of “The MoneyMan Report” for twenty years. For all that time, when Dan has been on the radio, CNBC,  or Fox, I have been right there behind the scenes.

Through all these years, our show has been about helping people get themselves off the emotional roller coaster so they can be among the very few who actually make money in the markets AND KEEP IT.

Here is a picture of that roller coaster.

From despondency to depression to hope to relief, on to optimism then excitement and euphoria, and the herd’s emotional roller coaster ride starts back down into anxiety, denial (where they feel the market can’t fall any further,) and finally to capitulation. Then the whole thing starts all over again.

It’s all so human isn’t it?

I want to propose a solution – an easy way to escape from the herd and start to enjoy the markets.

Join us for our No B.S., Plain English, No Jargon, Everyone-Can-Do-It…

The MoneyMan’s Live Training…


Morning Session: Becoming Investor 2.0

We’ll learn once and for all how to free ourselves from the emotional roller coaster most investors stay stuck on all their lives.

Find out how, at each stage, the markets serve as the primary mechanism to transfer wealth from the uninformed to the smart money, and find out how to make sure you’re on the winning side. Once you’re free, you’ll know there is a profitable play for every situation, just as in baseball.

Take a look at the small space between DEPRESSION and HOPE on the right hand side of the picture. Between those two little dots, investors go through highly predictable emotions…

Contempt: According to the cycle, a bull market typically starts when a market is at a low and investors scorn stocks.

Doubt and suspicion: They try to decide whether what they have left should be invested in a safe haven, such as a money market fund. They’ve burnt their fingers on stocks, and vow never to invest again.

Caution: The market then gradually starts showing signs of recovery. Most remain cautious, but prudent investors are already drooling at the possibility of profit.

What does the smart money do at that point?

First the big hitters begin to buy convertible bonds. Solid companies issued bonds that are paying only about 5% or 6% because they companies are so solid, but in this coming out of panic situation, panicked investors are still afraid to take action, so highly desirable and safe bonds are selling for 70 or 80 cents on the dollar. It happens in every cycle, and now that you’ve learned how to escape from the herd, you’ll be right there, ready to take advantage of the opportunity.

In fact, you’ll wonder how making money could be so easy, and how you missed all these opportunities for all these years.

Next, once they see the high yield bonds start to recover, they know the stock market won’t be far behind, so they take their profits on the bonds, then back up the pickup truck and load up.

While the experts are claiming to be in a “stock pickers’ market” as usual, the educated investor knows very well that at this stage, buying the whole market is better. There will be plenty of time for fine tuning later in the cycle, when the herd is moving between the OPTIMISM and EXCITEMENT stages.

Is it really that easy?

I don’t want to kid you. It really is that easy to understand, but being able to actually execute the right strategies and tactics takes courage, brains, and the ability to resist the hypnosis of the herd. That’s the part you’ll have to practice for the rest of your life.

Cycles constantly repeat. We move through the same seasons every year, and we’ve all learned how to anticipate the changing seasons. We follow the weather, the harvest and the sports cycle every year of our lives. We easily adapt to the cycle of the seasons, so they never surprise us. In fact, we learn to love each season, because we anticipate the predictable changes, and we successfully plan our activities to match.

For example, when the stock market rallies, stockholders win.

At the moment of EUPHORIA or maximum confidence, some chinks in the armor start to show up, suggesting the early signs of economic slowing. Stock prices go down, and the new winners are…

  • the short sellers,
  • the bond buyers
  • the patient investors who kept their cash ready,
  • the put buyers,
  • and the smart investors who Rent Out Stocks.

They all prosper when the rally stalls. Who loses? Simple! Those who blindly buy into the intoxicating euphoria of the herd.

Learn the winning play for every situation. The reason experienced investors and traders are able to achieve better results over time, is that they understand exactly what the herd is going through.

Why? Because this isn’t their first rodeo!

In the afternoon session: Master R.O.S. and you will know…

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6. How to choose which stocks make the best long term holds, so you can collect your rents while you minimize the downside risk of owning stocks.

7. How to tell when the speculators are paying too much for their long options.

8. How to understand the profit potential is in an option, so you can consistently outsmart your renters, by out-timing them.

9. How to consistently buy stocks cheaper than their ticker prices.

10. How to know which month’s options offer the best rental rates

11. How to know which stocks in which industries make the best “rental properties.”

12. How to take advantage of market fluctuations to increase market profits by over 35%

13. Learn how the top pros can consistently spot THE optimum moment to collect their rents, by knowing how to estimate future volatility. This skill will also help you know when and how to protect the downside in you equity holdings.

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15. How to use time decay to consistently make the optimum rentals on your long term stock holdings.

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18. How to read the market trends and directions.

19. The three most common mistakes investors and traders make in reading market trends.

Also Includes a Special Lesson On Iron Condors, the more advanced play for a sideways market. Warning: This technique works terrific in when markets chop and don’t go anywhere, but it may require some more study and practice for some themoneymanreport.com/newsletters-a-reports/item/767-learn-more–sign-up.htmlstudents.

Most people assume that when the markets aren’t moving you can’t make money. Not anymore. Low volatility markets can be extremely profitable.

With the Iron Condors strategy, we will trade a single complex option spread which includes the simultaneous vertical spreads in the same expiration month.

The strategy will advise on market neutral and well defined risk iron condors with limited profit. Each month we will identify an index or ETF that is range bound, allowing us to profit from the non-directional movement. The main advantage to trading this strategy is that it will give you near-term hedging with defined and manageable risk characteristics.

Click here for a short video on exactly what the smart money is already doing at every turn.


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Let’s consider the fact that the SEC was supposed to have shut up Dan Frishberg from offering investment advice.  Why?  Cause he was actively involved in defrauding investors according to SEC reports.  Dan and the SEC agreed on the outcome.  From my perspective Dan was to have gone to http://www.zipit.com with his glorious investment advice.

Ah…but there is nothing to muzzle the mouth of Elisea and apparently she was the brains behind the man…after all she was the Executive Producer of “The Money Man Report”.  Well…let me ask some questions:

  1. Elisea…if you were the Executive Producer – did you know that your husband was cheating many people out of their life time savings to support your failed business and personal lifestyle?
  2. No…you say, well then how smart were you?  Shouldn’t (as Executive Producer) you have known that financially BizRadio was in the tank and that you should have helped Dan cut back on lavish expenses?  Oh…I guess not as I’ve been told that you pushed for those lavish indulgences.
  3. And, lastly Elisea – do you have any remorse for those who lost their money at what you now seem to admit was your and Dan’s hand?  What are you doing today to make restitution?  Do you even care?

My strong suspicion is that Elisea won’t answer these questions – as it seems that it’s business as usual for the Frishbergs.


Sometimes a Picture’s worth a 1000 words – BizRadio! And what about Elisea Frishberg?

May 7, 2010

They say that a picture is worth a 1000 words.  In this case it is!

With all employees gone except, as I understand it the show producer, it seems that with the flow of illegally gained money stopped the reality of an effective business enterprise has set in.  And the sad part is it didn’t have to be this way.

REALITY CHECK – Yes, Dan and Al used their fund raising experience to gain money in a fraudulent way from investors to support their lifestyle and to support BizRadio (the megaphone they used to gain more investors).  That, in and of itself, is likely enough to cause an implosion along with an SEC investigation and/or perhaps an investigation by the US Attorney and/or others.  But…they had one saving grace – the revenue generated from the RIA (a substantial sum on money – at one time).

IF (and this is a BIG IF) Daniel had done, what over the course of two years or so he said he would do, and put the revenue from the RIA into BizRadio – would he be facing ultimate (my guess now not confirmed) criminal charges?  Sure enough, his bookkeeping might have been sloppy and Al (seemingly with Daniels blessing) might have been obtaining investment funds under false pretenses, but could it have been salvaged if they had made BizRadio a viable investment?

Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda – nice to think about perhaps, but now it seems that those questions are irrelevant.  So here’s a more relevant question:

1.  What about Elisea Frishberg – will she be indicted for her role in this financial fraud?  How, you might say?  Well in an earlier post I shared with the audience that spouses are now coming under closer scrutiny for their roles.  Here’s an excerpt from an article that might shed some light on how law enforcement is looking at spousal activity.

Victoria Meisner, 53, was sentenced to 18 months’ imprisonment for filing a false tax return. She pleaded guilty in November to reporting $49,626 of total income in 2003, despite helping rack up more than $430,000 in personal expenses that year on a debit card belonging to her husband’s business, Phoenix Diversified Investment Corp.

Meisner’s case highlights one of the inevitable questions for authorities investigating Ponzi schemers and how they threw around their ill-gotten gains: Should family members whose luxurious lifestyles were funded by dirty money face criminal charges themselves?

Here’s the link to the full story:  https://chuckgallagher.wordpress.com/2010/03/14/so-youre-guilty-of-a-ponzi-scheme-what-about-your-spouse-just-ask-victoria-meisner-the-long-arm-of-the-law-reaches-farther/

From all accounts that I’ve received, Elisea was very active in the operation of BizRadio, in fact, most of my sources tell me (and I’m talking everyone says the same thing) that Elisea had a strong inclination to spend money.  One source said, “Elisea would go over the top for show when, in reality, it wasn’t necessary.  For example, we had a meeting where we were going to bring in Pizza and Elisea went crazy when she found out that it was just “ordinary” pizza.  She stopped the order and place an order for gourmet pizza that cost well over $100 and then there wasn’t enough.”

I suspect, from the comments from the Receiver’s report, that when credit card bills/receipts are analyzed – the lavish spending will come to light more clearly.  Likewise, no one can argue that Elisea had NO KNOWLEDGE of the BizRadio operations – as she used that to promote herself – her book and her show (which I understand failed miserably).

So, when it comes time to face charges (which I predict will take place) will Elisea Frishberg be included?  Did she sign tax returns that were fraudulent?  In other words, did Dan and Elisea report all the income that was used to support their flamboyant lifestyle?  Will any of this money that was fraudulently obtained be considered taxable income to the Kaleta’s and the Frishberg’s?

By the way, you might ask why I have left out Al Kaleta’s wife?  Good question.  Up to this point, I have not had one report from any source indicate that she was active in the operation of KCM, DFFS, or BizRadio and Affiliates.  That may be wrong, but thus far none.  Perhaps those who read and comment may shed some light on Ms. Kaleta’s role – if any!  On the other hand, most sources are clear that Elisea basically ran the place.

CONCLUSION:  The story, now becoming well documented, is still unfolding.  I am waiting to hear the result of the court hearing yesterday and unless the Receiver can take control of all the assets, I suspect the Involuntary Bankruptcy hearing will take place on the 10th of May (the last I heard).  For those in Houston or Dallas – if you know the outcome – PLEASE LEAVE SOME COMMENTS AS AN UPDATE!


David Wallace and BizRadio – the story continues… UPDATED 4-16-2010

April 15, 2010

“David Wallace is a nice guy.”  I can’t begin to tell you how many people who have called me today have said those words within the first five minutes of our conversation.  “But”…is how the next sentences or paragraphs began as they shared their thoughts on my blog.

I appreciate comments that are made, either publically or privately, and do my best to filter through the emotion and get to material that is worth continuing to discuss.  One thing I promise…this blog will be shorter and easier.  Perhaps this will be (close to) the “rest of the story” regarding David Wallace’s involvement with BizRadio.

I asked in several ways what David Wallace did regarding his due diligence efforts related to his investments in BizRadio.  Now, let me say, I would likely do the same thing (paint myself in the best light possible – especially with the SEC looking carefully at BizRadio, etc.), but David seemingly left out some important information.  According to what I believe to be true, David Wallace was a founding Board member of BizRadio.  So let me see:

  • I establish funds to invest in real estate deals, etc.
  • I (assumed to be correct) become a founding Board member of a “new company” called BizRadio.
  • Money flows into my private placement investments which I (David Wallace) am a General Partner in and have a fiduciary duty to the investors as agent for, and
  • I invest in a new venture that has yet to make any money and in an industry in which I have no experience.

That is not due diligence in my opinion.  It may not be criminal (which I believe to be true), but it sure appears to be a problem legally when those investors bring civil suits against the General Partner for failure to perform his fiduciary duties and/or proper due diligence.

Sometime in 2008 David’s term as Mayor of Sugarland expired and David took a more active role in BizRadio – doing what I assume he referred to as their “Pathway to Profitability.”  Now…at that time David had to see what was going on.  He had to know what was happening, yet, on behalf of his investors (I think in the Laffer Frishberg Wallace fund) David continued to pour money into the hemorrhaging company called BizRadio.  My question is WHY?

One of the first principles of sound investing is not to chase a losing investment down.  If you buy a stock for $100 and it loses value to $90, then to $80 – somewhere you stop.  You cut your losses, protect your assets and get the hell out of Dodge.  David clearly said in our interview that at some point in 2008 he saw that it wasn’t turning around…  So why would he continue to put investment assets at risk?  Again, criminal?  Na…doubt it.  But, from a civil perspective it isn’t pretty.  There seem to be too many opportunities for David to have protected assets under his management instead of funding a sinking ship.

When the SEC audits the records (if they audit the records on David’s investments) it is possible that they will find an investment inflow into David’s accounts (say $200,000 from an Al Kaleta source) and an almost immediate outflow of $150,000 into BizRadio so they could make payroll.  While I haven’t seen the records directly, the reality is – that flow of money does not portend of a person who is just making investments on behalf of his investor clients.  Rather, it signifies a person who has a direct active involvement in a business enterprise that is portrayed as an investment.  That may be a turning point.

Lastly, David Wallace’s groups represented the largest shareholder of BizRadio.  The largest shareholder in any company has clout – Big Clout.  So, it stands to reason that David should have had the ability to control BizRadio via exercising his shareholder vote.  Yet, he could not.  BizRadio was Dan Frishberg.  Without Dan, one could question whether BizRadio would survive.  Now, investing in real estate is one thing – that is a tangible product.  Investing in BizRadio is quite another – especially when the investment is based on one single personality controlled by his wife.  So, I have to ask this – when you realize that your shares don’t carry sufficient weight to exercise prudent business control, why would you continue to funnel more money into the investment?

I don’t expect answers to the questions.  Rather I suspect that the answers will come in due time as investors seek their counsel to determine an effective course of action and/or the SEC seeks to expand it’s look into the motives behind massive funds flowing into BizRadio.  For now, BizRadio is valueless.  The motives and actions of others who have assets, well that’s another story that is yet to play out.

To read my prior blog see here.

UPDATE 4-16-2010

According to financials from the Laffer, Frishberg, Wallace Economic Opportunity Fund – while David Wallace has stated that he became concerned in 2008 – the financial flow seemed to increase in 2009 – which infers that he either (1) was less concerned about his fiduciary duty to protect investor assets, or (2) he had a culpable active role in investor losses in LFW fund.  See the numbers below:

LFW Economic Opportunity Fund, LP
Cumulative As of
% 6/30/09 12/31/08
Cost Cost
Real Estate holdings 20% 1,388,114 28% 1,216,704
Biz radio 66% 4,552,909 62% 2,688,837
Less: Loss recorded (990,732) (787,247)
Net Biz Radio 3,562,177 1,901,590
CEN, Inc 21% 1,450,620 30% 1,309,676
Business Diversified 204,784 195,674
Current Assets 46,601 297,242
Net $6,652,296 $4,920,886
Partners equity 6,880,476 4,320,000
Current Liabilities 993,383 1,473,820
Biz Radio loss (990,732) (787,247)
Other Expenses (230,831.00) (85,688)
Total equity $6,652,295.95 $4,920,885.00

Notice the numbers in blue above are for 2008 showing the money flow into BizRadio at $2.7 million (rounded) and within six months – for the period ended 6.30.2009 another $1.8 million flowed into BizRadio.

I don’t profess to be a financial expert, but I don’t see any substantive effort to diversify the investments in this fund.  Rather, from the outside looking in it appears that the relationship with Kaleta and Frishberg was too close and, while circumstantial, there sure appears to be some truth to the claims made by many close to the situation – that David Wallace was knee deep in the operations of BizRadio which clouded his judgment as a General Partner and fiduciary agent for those who invested in his funds.

Lastly…I had a comment from an 88 year old individual who invested the great majority of his/her life savings into this fund.  According to the fund prospectus investments could be received from “Qualified Accredited Investors”!  I would like to know how and 88 year old investor placing their life savings in such a fund could be considered a “Qualified Accredited Investor?”  Who did the due diligence on the investors?


BizRadio forced into involuntary bankruptcy? – The empire that Dan Frishberg built is collapsing!

April 4, 2010

Every choice has a consequence.  From some time now I’ve been reporting on BizRadio – a series that has taken twists and turns that I did not expect at the beginning.  The only thing that made sense – and still does today – is that the choices that Dan Frishberg, Elisea Frishberg, and Albert Kaleta made have taken a dramatic negative turn – and I might say much to the detriment of many investors, Ron Crider and Rehan Siddiqi.

Now come Florence Reiley, Kevin Deering and Stephen Cook requesting the US Bankruptcy Court in the Southern District of Texas to force BizRadio into a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

The filing can be found here.  Likewise, a recent Houston Chronicle article on the same topic can be see here.

According to the Houston Chronicle article:

Meanwhile, BizRadio CEO Daniel Frishberg is battling with the receiver appointed in the SEC case. The SEC sued BizRadio co-founder Albert Kaleta and his investment firm, Kaleta Capital Management, claiming they mislead investors about the sale of $10 million in promissory notes. The receiver was appointed to recover money from investors, primarily from BizRadio and Frishberg’s own investment firm.

Even as he was squaring off with the receiver, Frishberg sold BizRadio’s Houston station, KTEK 1110 AM, to Salem Communications for $3.7 million, which includes the cancellation of a $1.26 million loan. BizRadio bought the station from Salem for $7.6 million just two years ago.

Now I’m not an attorney, but it doesn’t take a legal scholar to know that there are a long list of people who legitimately would lay claim to any monies that Frishberg receives from the sale (purported sale – I still don’t have that figured out completely) of BizRadio and/or it’s assets.

Let’s see…there are:

  • The investors who thus far have lost their money with no true prospect for recovery;
  • The SEC Receiver who is trying to attach assets;
  • Rehan Siddiqi who was duped for $180,000 and the BizRadio ship was sinking;
  • Salem Communications (who as best I can tell) was still owed for the purchase of the station from Frishberg (which is why I can’t piece together the pieces of how they would pay him for what it appears he owes them for)
  • Employees who, by the droves, have been let go – many of whom say they are owed back wages; and
  • (this is a guess), but knowing what happens when a business fails, I would guess that BizRadio owes back payroll taxes – as typically since they are due after the fact, they are the last thing to be paid.  (Keep in mind, this is speculation and not founded on credible inside information).

I am assuming that the folks who filed for BizRadio to go into bankruptcy were doing so in an effort to position themselves to gain bankruptcy assets.  Not a bad move.

ON ANOTHER NOTE…I’ve conducted several interviews that soon will become part of this series – so stay tuned.  Of course…YOUR COMMENTS ARE WELCOME!

Barbara Doreen House vs. Daniel Frishberg, BizRadio and crew – A Lawsuit for Fraud and more…

April 2, 2010

UPDATED – 4-3-2010

A mentor of mine had a favorite saying, “No good deed goes unpunished.”  I have to admit I hated that phrase, but based on the comments I’ve been receiving this case is a real quandry.  Personally, I have no position on the case as my objective is to open the doors for discussion.  However, if you look toward the end – there is another comment that was made that I’ve elected to include in the blog without, of course, exposing names.

On July 24, 2009 – Barbara Doreen House filed a lawsuit against Daniel Frishberg – BizRadio – Elisea Frishberg – Albert Kaleta and others for fraud and misrepresentation, breach of fiduciary duty, and conspiracy.  The House complaint was amended in a filing on February 9, 2010.

Her complaint is here:  Plaintiff’s First Amended Petition

The response from the Daniel Frishberg, Elisea Frishberg, Albert Kaleta etc. is here:  Amended Answer and 3rd Party Action

Is this the beginning of what might be many lawsuits related to the losses investors have experienced?  Or is this that act of someone who made ineffective choices?

Read the Petition and the Answer.  I’d would appreciate your comments and opinions.


I find the factual scenario interesting in the manner that Frishberg and his wife allegedly infiltrated and induced that amount of money to be invested.  Moreover, it appears that there is a common theme which seems to be occurring with what investors are told about their investment, and the manner in which the money is actually invested.  It also is clear that this is the tip of the iceberg, so to speak.  I wouldn’t be surprised at all if a bigger Ponzi scheme comes out soon.  It just doesn’t make sense that Frishberg couldn’t return an investor’s funds at this small a level, particularly if the funds he and his companies manage are so much larger. Why are the Defendants fighting the litigation so vigorously instead of just returning the money…if it really is a legitimate investment, wouldn’t the funds still be somewhere reachable?  Seems to me that the Defendants are fighting the lawsuit so vigorously because they cannot return the funds.

Perhaps Dan, Elisea, Al and the other entities were not at fault.  Perhaps “No good deed goes unpunished,” as evidenced by this comment made anonymously.

Talk about fraud! In this case, Kaleta and Frishberg are the good guys. Harvey House is the rat. The law suit is crammed full of lies and misrepresentations. Barbara has the emotional maturity of a 2 or 3 year old child and can be manipulated on a whim. This is a fact. DFFA did their best to protect her and her money with income producing bonds, at least in the beginning.

Barbara was not capable of living alone or protecting herself financially. She was moved into a very nice home which she could easily afford on a sustainable basis based on her interest income. Harvey the limo driver saw an opportunity to marry into big money and he took it. Barbara’s money was squandered within a couple years by Harvey.

Very sad story for what should have been a nice life for Barbara.

YOUR COMMENTS WELCOME…and I wonder if there are any other investor lawsuits that have been filed?

Special Strategy Session by Dan Frishberg – Wonder if it includes how themoneyman plans to make scammed investors whole?

March 30, 2010

When former investors share comments about their losses and how their trust in Dan Frishberg and group has been destroyed…it causes many to wonder who would pay attention to his investment strategy.  After all, from almost every angle it appears that Dan used BizRadio for his own gain and (pardon the way I put this, but) the hell with the investors.

So…here’s the latest in his self promotion efforts by Dan ( themoneyman ) as his new brand unfolds.  I was told by more than one source that Dan used BizRadio to build his RIA which spun off substantial sums to he and his family.  Let me suggest that it did not produce money for BizRadio or it’s investors.  The more that comes to light the more it becomes clear that BizRadio was a promotional arm for Dan personally.

But for now…the charade continues with the newest announcement.

Strategy Session featuring Daniel Frishberg
April 8, 2010
7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Space is Limited. Reserve Your Seat Immediately!!!
To RSVP Contact Sonia Joao 713-490-8728 or click here

Dear Chuck,

We had such a tremendous response to our April 1st Strategy Session, that we had to stop accepting RSVP’s. But rather than turn people away, we are going to have a follow up Strategy Session on April 8, 2010.

Last month, I spoke at an amazing meeting in New York. I had planned to talk about some of the conventional investment strategies we’re using this year as the stock market begins another leg up in the bull market, but though we were forecasting it then, it’s happening right now.

The thing is, I received a lot of questions from the audience, and they led the whole speech in a totally different direction from the one I had planned.

Now I know what is concerning people, and I think they’re quite right. They worry that the bonds and the money markets and the CDs they own are all actually bets on the U.S. dollar. What’s more, they don’t feel that comfortable about the direction the dollar is likely to go next year and beyond. Frankly, I don’t blame them at all.

Other countries are making better decisions. The Asians have formed a free trade zone and are building a new railroad to tie together China with Thailand, Singapore and Viet Nam. Maylasia is booming. The bottom line is: these countries are making themselves financially stronger, while we in the U.S. seem intent on doing everything we can to push investment and business away – possible trade wars with Brazil and China, trillions in borrowing from other countries. You know the litany. Look, I can handle any kind of smart or foolish behavior by our government, but I’m very concerned that many people are going to be trapped.

Imagine this: The U.S. dollar falls off the proverbial cliff, and you and everyone you know have almost all your assets denominated in dollars. You thought you were safe, and your bonds, municipal bonds and even CD’s are still intact, but they only buy you half what they did a year before.

From an economic standpoint, our economy and your investment world are undergoing changes more profound than anything in the past five hundred years. You can see a lot of things changing before your eyes!

This is a new world. Everything is easier, and everything is more challenging.
Smart diversification can keep you whole, while dumb diversification will cost many investors their retirement.

How can I help you prosper in this world-wide economic revolution? Join me, Thursday, April 8, from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. in Houston, TX. It’s free to attend, but if you want a seat, you must RSVP. Click Here.

Strategy Session featuring Daniel Frishberg
April 8, 2010
7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Space is Limited. Reserve Your Seat Immediately!!!
To RSVP Contact Sonia Joao 713-490-8728 or click here


  1. Does anyone that reads this plan on attending the April 1st Strategy Session?
  2. How can he have a tremendous response to his April 1st Strategy Session when April 1st isn’t here yet.  Wow…doesn’t this strike a nerve on what kind of lie can be told?  Perhaps I misread.  I got a response that said the following: “don’t you think he’s just claiming (whether true or not is another story) that there was a tremendous response, as in more RSVPs than they could accomodate? That’s how I read it.”  Fair…perhaps I misread the comment.  I guess for those who attend the proof will be in the attendance at the event tomorrow on April 1st.  If someone does attend, please make a comment about the meeting.
  3. Did any investor, that, thus far lost substantial sums of money, plan on attending to raise the question regarding how Dan intends to make whole the investors that have funded his lifestyle?
  4. Wonder who paid for that Amazing meeting in NEW YORK?  Perhaps it was left over funds from the scam on Rehan Siddiqi?  Na…I suspect those funds were long gone…but that’s just a guess.
  5. Now I know what is concerning people, and I think they’re quite right. Dan…are you kidding me or anyone else that reads this…?  What is concerning most people who are paying attention to you is “how are you going to pay defrauded investors back?”  That is the question!  Beyond that all you have to share is empty self-promoting words.
  6. Smart diversification can keep you whole, while dumb diversification will cost many investors their retirement. The words that Dan writes are profound and they all point back to him.  He’s right smart diversification can keep you whole.  But Dan…how can you spout off about diversification when you knowingly allowed funds with people’s money to NOT BE diversified?  What am I missing here?

Is it possible that I am the only person that finds this quite amazing?  Feel free to share your thoughts…cause I’d sure like to know what I’m missing.