O J Simpson’s Self Sabatoge – You Can’t Escape the Law – You Reap What You Sow!

January 14, 2008

Have you ever noticed that it’s impossible to avoid outcomes that – on the surface you would think – you want to avoid. Oh, for a time, you might think you could dodge the bullet, but then reality hits and, once again, you are hit squarely in the face with reality. For O. J. Simpson that rings true.


Reality is – O. J. Simpson is sabotaging himself.

No I’m no psychologist so I have no formal educational basis for my claim and even though I state that here, I am sure I’ll receive comments to that effect. But, I do have a Ph.D. from the school of practical experience. And, let me say, that is one of the most significant learning environments I’ve ever participated in. So let me state again my premise – O. J. Simpson is sabotaging himself!

The question is why? Why would anyone take actions – either consciously or unconsciously – that would bring about an outcome that, by most standards, people would not want?

Why, for example, would you violate the terms of your bail knowing that such a violation would, most certainly, put you in jail?

The Theory:

We are taught in school several laws which we hold to be truth. One is that, on a universal level, everything seeks to find equilibrium. For example, I am a private pilot and one of the first lessons was that a plane (airplane) seeks to fly, so if you are in an unnatural attitude – let go of the controls and the plane will generally right itself. Similarly, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. One might try to delay the outcome or reaction, but it is inevitable.

O.K. – so much for theory. How does that apply to O. J.? Well, O. J. got off from his earlier murder charge. Recall, if the glove don’t fit, you must acquit! Verdict: Not Guilty!

Now for most of us…that little (O.K. Big) brush with the law would be enough. But, O. J. couldn’t resist. He had to try to get his stuff. Slogan: The theft is fine, if the stuff is mine! (Sorry, couldn’t resist that one). Outcome: Busted for armed robbery. Hum…in trouble again. Now why would you even try to (get your stuff back) knowing that you could have an issue with the law?

But…that’s not enough. Simpson had been instructed by Las Vegas Justice of the Peace Joe M. Bonaventure in September not to have any contact with anyone involved in the case — not even by “carrier pigeon.” So what does Simpson – violate the terms of bail. Another dumb move.

Or is it?

Self Sabotage:

If one is guilty of a crime, then one will continue to do things so that guilt is brought to light. While Simpson got past the murder charge, there is something lurking that brings Simpson the need for punishment. So, having avoided what some would call his just reward, O. J. has chosen to act out in different ways so that equilibrium is restored. O. J. is guilty of something and the need for punishment is being manifest by his actions – whether conscious or unconscious.

A universal law is at work here – you will reap what you sow! And, until that law is satisfied, you will continually have the opportunity to reap till there is equilibrium.

The Positive Side of Consequences:

While reaping and sowing, at least in O. J.’s case, seems to focus on the negative, I know from experience that one can experience negative consequences from one’s actions, but likewise, you can enjoy positive results from the seeds you sow. From prison to Senior Sales Executive in a public company – I know that first hand from personal experience and speak about it regularly. If you’re interested in my presentations visit my web site at http://www.chuckgallagher.com

Perhaps, once O. J. is past this phase of his life and has satisfied his need for punishment, he’ll have the time to pay it forward and give back using his celebrity for the benefit of others. Till then – mark my words – a universal law is in play and once started it will find balance.