Has Salem Communications finally figured it out? Dan Frishberg “The Money Man” off the Air?

May 16, 2011

At times, as I’ve followed the Dan Frishberg scam saga, I’ve been mystified by how a company like Salem Communications could keep Dan on the air spewing his nonsense all the while knowing that he’s been busted by the SEC for wrongdoing.  Perhaps I’m wrong, but it appears that someone at Salem has finally come to their senses and removed Dan from his lofty broadcast position.

Seems Houston station 1110 KETK was (for all practical purposes) the home base for BizRadio – Dan Frishberg’s company that effectively defrauded millions – most of which won’t be recouped.  The station was up for sale and as of this writing I do not have confirmation of whether that has taken place yet.  But what is clear is that Dan Frishberg is no longer listed in the stations program line up.  The program line up link is listed here:  http://www.business1110ktek.com/  and note…Dan Frishberg “The Money Man” is no where to be seen.

Has Salem come to their senses?  Perhaps they now see that Dan Frishberg is a liability.  There is little doubt, especially in Houston, that Dan Frishberg’s actions which cost investors millions was nothing more than a glorified Ponzi scheme.

Months ago…many it seems, I also reported that Salem Communications had expanded Dan Frishberg’s coverage beyond Houston to Miami’s WZAB 880 AM and Atlanta’s WAFS 1190 AM – as I look at those web sites today I get mixed messages.

First – WAFS 1190 AM in Atlanta does NOT show Dan Frishberg on their program line up.  Here’s the link:  http://biz1190.com/schedule/ but he is listed as one of their personalities.  Which is it – is he on or is he off?  Here’s the personality link:  http://biz1190.com/personalities/

When it comes to WZAB 880 AM  in Miami – is has been reported that Dan Frishberg was preparing to move to Miami as it was a bit too hot in Houston for him to continue his financial connections.  Perhaps he felt the pickins were better in Miami.  Either way, WZAB still shows Dan Frishberg in the program line up.  Here’s the link:  http://www.880thebiz.com/schedule/

Kinda interesting – here’s what it says about Dan Frishberg on the WZAB site:  “Dan Frishberg grew up in New York and has spent over 40 years studying money and the markets; especially the people who make up those markets. His life’s work has been to strip away all the jargon and finance babble. He talks about money in a unique language: plain English. Frequently appearing as a guest expert on CNBC television, Dan brings unique insights and a down-to-earth approach to investing.”

Perhaps it should say –

Dan Frishberg grew up in New York and has spent over 40 years studying money and the markets; especially the people who make up those markets. His life’s work has been to strip away all the jargon and finance babble, as well as people’s money as he has been charged by the SEC with investor fraud where Texas residents lost millions. He talks about money in a unique language: plain English, and sometimes that talk is so slick that it is quite persuasive even though Dan’s intent may not be for the consumers good. Frequently appearing as a guest expert on CNBC television, Dan brings unique insights and a down-to-earth approach to investing, which he is now banned from by the SEC.  We are proud to feature on our station a person who no longer has the right to offer investment advice, but has a clear way of communicating financial psycho babble so that investors can have no idea what’s really happening to their money.

Seems that the above is a bit more honest and transparent…but who am I to say…?


According to “The Money Man” website the following has been posted:

The MoneyMan Report Contract with KTEK Houston has ended. The station is currently in the process of being acquired by new owners. We expect the show to be back on the air in Houston in a few weeks.

In the meantime, Texas listeners can catch Dan on the live stream at 7am Central time each morning, by clicking on this link. Or simply click the “Listen Live” tab and tune into 880 The Biz, Miami.

Perhaps there is more to the story…stay tuned and let’s see what shakes out.  Maybe Salem isn’t that smart…maybe they really don’t care who broadcasts on their stations – even a person who’s been banned from investment advice by the SEC – Dan you really are “The MoneyMan”.


Salem agrees to buy BizRadio KETK – But substantial legal questions remain

March 17, 2010

Inside radio reports today that BizRadio has sold KETK (1110 AM) back to Salem in a drama that has been waged on multiple fronts.  What might seem like a straight forward transaction is anything but straightforward.  In fact, it would seem that now the drama just begins.  Here’s the release found on INSIDE RADIO:

Two months after BizRadio Network waged a legal fight to retain control of KETK (1110), the station is being transferred back to its previous owner.  But buyer and seller remain closely tied.

Salem will pay $2.06 million for the station, including $800,000 in cash and forgiveness of $1.26 million that remains on a promissory note signed by BizRadio two years ago when it bought KTEK for $1.5 million.  Salem also agrees to give it a $1.64 million credit to be used to buy airtime from Salem stations.  BizRadio founder Dan Frishberg didn’t respond to a request for comment.

In February, BizRadio went to court to block the proposed $3.5 million lease-to-buy sale of KTEK to Asia Vision owner Rehan Siddiqi that apparently had struck a deal with a BizRadio consultant who wasn’t authorized to sell the station.  The “BizRadio” format is still heard on KTMR, San Antonio (1130) under a lease agreement with Siga Broadcasting.

So let’s explore the questions that this “expected” sale creates:

1.  On Nov. 13, 2009, the Commission sued Albert Fase Kaleta and his company, Kaleta Capital Management, Inc. (KCM), in the United States District Court in Houston, Texas. The Commission alleges that Kaleta and KCM defrauded investors in the offer and sale of KCM-issued promissory notes in an offering that raised $10 million from approximately 50 investors. The Commission also sued two other entities, Business Radio Network, L.P. d/b/a BizRadio (BizRadio) and Daniel Frishberg Financial Services, Inc. (d/b/a DFFS Capital Management, Inc.) (DFFS) as Relief Defendants solely for the purposes of equitable relief.  QUESTIONSince BizRadio and DFFS Capital Management, Inc. were sued for equitable relief, and since a Receiver has been appointed to collect funds for scammed investors, does the “Receiver” have the ability and/or authority to attach the $800,000 in cash reported as part of the sale?

2.  As reported yesterday in my blog (see here), certain unnamed investors feel that they were also scammed when they invested in the Laffer Frishberg Wallace Economic Opportunity Fund.  While the fund reportedly required that no more than 20% of the capital be invested in any business, the investor reported that over 60% of the capital had been invested in the money losing operation of BizRadio.  QUESTION:  If the “Receiver” (from question #1 above), has the authority to attach the cash portion of this sale as a result of his work on behalf of the scammed Kaleta investors, does that leave the scammed Laffer Frishberg Wallace Economic Opportunity Fund investors in the COLD?  I’m afraid, based on a conversation I had with a knowledgable party, the answer is YES!  SCREWED! Sorry!!!

3.  An $18 million lawsuit was filed against BizRadio and Daniel Frishberg related to the failed sale of 1110 AM to Rehan Siddiqi.  Siddiqi offered to lease the station with a purchase option for $3.5 million.  All seemed well as Frishberg et al took Siddiqi’s $180,000 advance payment and then kicked him off the air when they failed to provide the necessary financing – letter of credit – to their new station 1180 AM.  OOPS…Frishberg finds that he’d be off the air unless Siddiqi is kicked out.  Bye…Rehan says Frishberg and hence the lawsuit.  QUESTION A:  If Siddiqi was willing to purchase the station for $3.5 million – what would motivate Frishberg to sell it to Salem for substantially less? QUESTION B:  Am I missing something, but Frishberg said that he had purchased the station for over $7 million, yet the news release states that he purchased it for $1.5 million? Sorry, but I’m lost on the math here and I have a Masters in Accounting…  QUESTION C:  Since there is an active lawsuit against BizRadio and Daniel Frishberg, why would Salem enter into the transaction now without concerning themselves with the outcome of the pending lawsuit? Seems as if they are thumbing their nose at Siddiqi and his attorney.

4.  Salem agrees to give $1.64 million credit so that Frishberg can stay on the air…as what I don’t know – BizRadio, Business 1110, Business 1110AM?  Confusing I know…  QUESTION: Is this truly a credit that is expected to be repaid?  Is Salem extending air time credit that they feel Frishberg or BizRadio or whomever will actually write a check to pay in the future? Yes…I know that is the same question asked in a different way…but – How could Frishberg pay Salem $1.64 million if they can’t pay their help, their power bill and it would appear that their source of revenue (investor funds) has dried up?  Who would honestly invest their funds with Frishberg, Wallace, Laffer, etc. with the SEC breathing down their back (at least that’s my guess)?

5.  Last, at least for this blog entry – the SEC stated that Kaleta defrauded investors and while Kaleta did not admit guilt (smart move on his part – although that does not preclude other federal agencies from looking into criminal charges), he is no longer in the investment business.  Frishberg seemed to be dragged into the responsibility for repayment.  QUESTION:  With all that is and has surfaced, do you suppose that Frishberg is the subject of an investigation?  Is so, wonder if the outcome will be similar to that of Kaleta? And, if so, what impact does that have on Daniel Frishberg’s continued broadcast on Salem’s newly acquired station?

My…my so many questions so few answers!