What’s Dan been drinking? BizRadio founder Dan Frishberg’s now an MLM promoter!

February 25, 2010

As a blogger…I’m just too humored by this.  BizRadio seems to be sinking about as quickly as the Titanic – apparently drowning in a sea of debt.  Yet, “From the bounty of the Amazon rainforest and the expertise of the worlds top scientists comes natures perfect blend.”  AS 10!  Is this the product that will revive BizRadio and help turn a profit so that investors have a snowballs chance in h..l in getting their money back?

To be clear…I have nothing against MLM (multi level marketing).  I think that it is a viable business enterprise.  I am connected with iLearningGlobal (a MLM training product) and Send out cards (an MLM service that works like a charm).  Likewise, I speak to MLM groups about sales, team building and other practical applications of how to create and grow a business.

That said, I just find it amazing that Dan promotes Jack Warkenthien to do a seminar – has on his web site that Lynn Sperry representative for AmeriScience will be there to talk about the product – removes it from the web site and now has his personal recommendation there for all who visit BizRadio to see.  Oh…and let’s be clear, the link to AmeriScience is the link to Jack Warkenthien’s AmeriScience site so that people who click through give Jack business or have the opportunity to become part of his downline.

As a business ethics speaker, I have the following questions:

  • In the interest of your investors (who are concerned about the security of their investments) wouldn’t it be appropriate to be more transparent about your connection with Jack, Lynn and AmeriScience?
  • Does promoting a MLM (health drink) actually fit the profile of what investors expect from a nationally recognized figure who is responsible for investing (reportedly) millions of dollars?
  • When are you, Mr. Frishberg, going to let BizRadio listeners and your investors know what is going on with the financially troubled company?

Sometimes there are just too many questions…  for now here’s the content of the site.  To see it live visit here.

What’s Dan been drinking?

A Testimony from the MoneyMan, Daniel Frishberg:
I just tried the most delicious drink. I took out a soda, and my wife Elisea took it out of my hand. She said try this instead, and gave me another carbonated drink in a nice stem wineglass.

It didn’t have alchohol in it, and it tasted amazing. It was actually fancy sparkling mineral water mixed wth AS10 from Ameriscience.

It comes in a wine bottle, and looks terrific. Turns out that it’s full of the best fruits and vegetables in the world, it tastes a hundred times better than soda, you can drink it straight or with sparkling water, and it’s actually a health drink.

So I bought a case of it.

I love this AS10 – i guess I’d call it. a health drink, fruit juice.  It looks terrific, it comes in a wine bottle package. And it tastes terrific.

I really don’t care about the details. I can tell you Ameriscience has been hired by NASA to develop nutritional supplements for the space projects. All I know is I absolutely love it

Elisea brought home a case of it and now I just bought 3 more cases.  I served martinis made with AS10 fruit drink at my dinner party, My kids are drinking it all night just because they love it, in spite of the fact that it’s got hundreds of important fruits and vegetables in it and it’s great for them. And I’m happy to report, we’re using our left over cola to clean our battery terminals.

Get a case of AmeriSciences AS10 Yourself:
go to www.Ameriscience.net

BizRadio Marketing MasterMind Clinic – A legitimate sales seminar or a sham to lure fresh unsuspecting investors?

February 25, 2010

As a former Sr. VP of Sales and Marketing in a public company I understand marketing.  I understand that BizRadio provided valuable information and likely was a feeder source for investors who felt that Daniel Frishberg could help them watch “their money grow.”  After all, Daniel is “the money man!”

But, let’s look at the facts (and for sure all the facts aren’t out on the table – they all aren’t known):

  1. BizRadio is off the air in Dallas, TX.
  2. BizRadio is off the air in San Antonio, TX cause they couldn’t pay the bill.
  3. BizRadio was off the air in Houston – now back on (but for how long?).
  4. BizRadio moved to 1180 AM in January but was kicked off because they couldn’t pay the $150,000 deposit or provide a letter of credit for $150,000
  5. BizRadio leased (with an option to buy) 1110 AM to Ron Siddiqi and then kicked Siddiqi off the air cause they (BizRadio) couldn’t meet the terms of the 1180 AM agreement – even after they took $180,000 from Siddiqi.
  6. BizRadio in Houston was off the air for a brief time for failure to pay the electric bill.
  7. Salem – who sold Daniel Frishberg 1110 AM – has announced that they are taking the station back for approximately 50% of what Frishberg paid several years ago.  It is reported that Salem had no choice as Frishberg couldn’t pay his bill there either.
  8. Albert Kaleta got in trouble with the SEC and lost his license and was banned from association with any investment adviser (which would include Frishberg).
  9. The SEC also sued two other entities, Business Radio Network, L.P. d/b/a BizRadio (BizRadio) and Daniel Frishberg Financial Services, Inc. (d/b/a DFFS Capital Management, Inc.) (DFFS) as Relief Defendants solely for the purposes of equitable relief.  This relates to Kaleta and the funds owed to investors who were mislead.

Actually the list goes on…  But now, to my amazement the following is featured on the BizRadio web site:

BizRadio Marketing MasterMind Clinic

March 2, 2009
3050 Post Oak Blvd. | Houston, TX 77056
7:00 – 9:00 p.m.
Refreshments will be served,
Dinner will not be provided
Space is Limited

To RSVP Contact Jack Warkenthien 713-490-8796 or register below:

There are a couple of elements necessary for the success of any business, large or small. But do you know where most business owners fall short?


Finding the most efficient ways to let people know you’re there. Advertising is a big part of it yes, but marketing goes way beyond that. How do you market your business?

Some time back, BizRadio created something called the MasterMind Group, a meeting of the minds headed by Daniel Frishberg, exposing the secrets of successful, efficient marketing.

This March we are honored to bring you two special guest speakers to address the one of the hottest new marketing opportunities: Network Marketing. Daniel Frishberg introduces Jack Warkenthien, BizRadio Host and network marketing genius.

Jack Warkenthien, author of “Life’s A Sales Call” and national radio personality on the BizRadio Network, will share his knowledge in sales, marketing and leadership, leaving you with tips, techniques and networking strategies that will grow your sales exponentially. He will cover topics including:

  • Networking tips to know and use
  • Increasing your sales by buillding your network
  • Expanding your network using network marketing

Come to BizRadio’s Network Marketing MasterMind Session and let Jack and Dan help your business take advantage of the marketing oportunities that the internet makes possible.

We’ll get together in a casual atmosphere and give you some marketing tips you’ve probably never heard before. There is no charge, but you can’t come unless you reserve a spot.

Join us the evening of Tuesday, March 2, 2010 for a free marketing MasterMind Clinic with Daniel Frishberg and Jack Warkenthien hosted by BizRadio.

March 2, 2009
3050 Post Oak Blvd. | Houston, TX 77056
7:00 – 9:00 p.m.
Refreshments will be served,
Dinner will not be provided
Space is Limited

To RSVP Contact Jack Warkenthien 713-490-8796 or register below:

Jack will also introduce you to Lynn Sperry, the CEO of Sperry Enterprises, and Indendant Marketing Consultant for AmeriSciences.

The wellness industry has seen tremendous growth in recent years and this growth is expected to continue over the coming years.There’s a general awakening that good health is very important and staying hale and hearty requires spending money. AmeriSciences (www.Amerisciences.com), is a company that caters to this need of people by selling nutrient rich products that promote good health.This is an MLM company that offers customers an option to earn back their money and much more.

HUM…I was told yesterday by an undisclosed investor that Frishberg was now getting into MLM.  Now, there’s nothing wrong with Multi-Level Marketing, but for a reputed investment adviser like Dan Frishberg – The Money Man – really Dan – you’re going the route of attracting investors into MLM?

LET ME STATE – There is absolutely nothing wrong with holding a meeting where excellent information is shared.  Years ago when I was tax partner in a CPA firm (now some 25 years ago)… we did the same thing (hold educational meetings not promote MLM).  But, three things jump out at me… (1) twice in this promotion they have the dates wrong.  As insignificant as that seems, if you are running a well run operation it would seem that you would have folks who would catch simple things like that.  Most folks could guess that they mean March 2, 2010, but that’s not what they say – and as insignificant as it might seem, it illustrates an issue with how the business is run.  (2) If you can’t pay your bills and keep the station on the air, then how truly can you offer a program of quality when there is so much confusion related to Daniel Frishberg, BizRadio and investors who are, for the most part and for the moment, in the dark about the status of the money they trustingly put up… And, (3) does it promote confidence to have a man who “managed” millions using his imploding format to promote a MLM product?

Jack Warkenthien the featured speaker is, per his LinkedIn site – a Radio Personality and VP of Sales at The BizRadio Network and the Owner/Founder of NextStep Solutions.  For more info on Jack see here and here.

The AmeriSciences.net link in the BizRadio promotion is the Jack Warkenthien site so that those who enroll become part of his down line.  It appears that this seminar might be a veiled attempt to promote the MLM product and have those enroll under Jack to build his business.  Here’s the true AmeriSciences site.  http://www.amerisciences.com/

Perhaps investors who have questions might want to attend – at least Daniel Frishberg says he’ll be there so you could ask your questions directly.  Just a thought.