Roger Clemens on Trial for Lying to Congress! Whose going to put Congress on Trial for lying to Us? Guest Blog by Brent Clanton

July 6, 2011

From time to time I am honored to have guest bloggers featured.  Today a friend of mine, Brent Clanton is featured with an interesting take on the Roger Clemens trial.  His comments will certainly make you think…

I am bemused to hear Roger Clemens will be going on trial for lying to Congress over controlled substances, when they’ve been lying to the American public for years over the substance of legislation they control. Or just lying outright.

The most-obvious recent example of this is the embarrassing saga of NY Rep. Anthony Weiner—a ten day media romp in which he repeatedly prevaricated as to his prowess as a sexting lothario. And wasn’t it an American politician who made “hiking the Appalachian Trail” the newest euphemism for cheating on a spouse?

Never mind the fact that our Congressmen and women haven’t been able to get their collective acts together long enough to pass legislation on fiscal-stimulus. So how is it they can find time to rake Roger over the coals for physical-enhancement stimulus?

Maybe if Clemens’ trainer, Brian McNamee had injected the House members with a little extra octane, we wouldn’t be facing a Government shut-down in August. Perhaps, had  the Senate been dosed with some exotic B-12 to goose their brain-function, we’d be closer to closing the gap between spending and revenues.

I wonder if the Congressional Inquisition will pay as close attention to Clemens’ testimony as they do to the nuances and details they present to We the People on a regular basis. Recently Sen. Dick Durban opined that the United States borrows from China most of the money it spends—to the rate of 40-cents on the dollar. According to, China only holds 8% of the total US debt ticket—a mere $1.15 Trillion of the $14+ Trillion in outstanding obligations. And the ratio is only 38-cents on the dollar. Don’t you feel better now? Here, take this pill…

Utah Gov. John Huntsman claimed this Spring that Social Security, Medicare, and interest payments on our collective debt would “consume every dollar of Federal revenue” within a decade. According to the Government Accounting Office, assuming all the current tax provisions are left in place, only 92-cents of each revenue dollar would be spent on interest and social entitlement expenses. Don’t spend the remaining 8-cents all in one place.

Lies or mis-statements? Only your Congressional speechwriter knows for sure—or should. It’s just galling that instead of allowing the MLB to handle this tempest on the pitching mound, Congressional brain power, time and tax dollars are being squandered over the word of a sleazy athletic trainer vs a potential Baseball Hall of Famer at a time when the very people doing the questioning have bigger fish to fry. Or should.

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Barry Bonds Indicted – Ethical Choices and Consequences

November 16, 2007

Chuck Gallagher - The Ethics ExpertToday Barry Bonds – Major League Baseball’s home run king – was indicted by a Federal Grand Jury on charges of perjury and obstruction of justice.  If convicted Bonds could face up to 30 years in prison.

Is this a witch hunt or is that the wheels of justice in the Federal system move slowly?

Based on my experience…the wheels move slowly.   Barry Bonds is innocent until proven guilty.  That a premise of our judicial system.  However, rarely are people indicted without a reasonable chance of a conviction.

The issue at hand isn’t whether Bonds used performance enhancing drugs.  Rather, every choice has a consequence.  What seems to be playing out here is almost the same thing that landed Martha Stewart in prison.  Not telling the complete truth.

“During the criminal investigation, evidence was obtained including positive tests for the presence of anabolic steroids and other performance enhancing substances for Bonds and other athletes,” the indictment said.

According to the Canadian Press, MLB Commissioner Bud Selig stated, “I have yet to see the details of this indictment and while everyone in America is considered innocent until proven guilty, I take this indictment very seriously and will follow its progress closely.”

As a professional speaker, I often have the opportunity to speak to groups and consult with companies about their choices, ethical behavior and the consequences (either negative or positive) that can follow.  Likewise, as a former inmate in Federal prison, I met far to many people who ended up incarcerated for not being completely truthful.

Every choice has a consequence and there are no benefits to withholding information.  You do reap what you sow.  You may avoid a consequence for some time, but you will always pay the price for choices in some form or fashion.

I wish Barry Bonds the best.  Meanwhile for the rest of us…ethical choices bring about positive results. 

Any comments?