Ohio Pediatrician – Robert Reinhold – Pleads Guilty to Receipt of Child Pornography! Sad and the Consequences will be Significant!

May 19, 2008

Several programs are underway to catch those who victimize children via child porn. In this case, Operation Predator, a nationwide ICE initiative to protect children from sexual predators, including those who travel overseas for sex with minors, Internet child pornographers, criminal alien sex offenders, and child sex traffickers was the vehicle to catch a pediatrician who engaged in child porn.

Operation Predator is a comprehensive initiative designed to protect young people from child pornographers, alien smugglers, human traffickers, and other predatory criminals.

Robert Reinhold, age 55, and a pediatrician in Troy, Ohio pleaded guilty to one count of receipt of child pornography.

According to a statement of facts filed with his plea and agreed to by Reinhold, between April 22, 2003 and October 24, 2007, Reinhold knowingly received and possessed visual depictions of minors engaged in sexually explicit conduct, those depictions having been mailed and transported in interstate and foreign commerce by any means, including by computer.

Reinhold admitted that he received and possessed the child pornography at his house, by purchasing multiple subscriptions to commercial child pornography websites which offered members-only access to images of child pornography. He saved more than 600 images and movies on his home computer and on an external hard drive connected to it. Reinhold printed out hundreds of the images which he kept and stored at his home. Among the child pornography found were images of prepubescent minors and minors under the
age of 12. As part of his plea agreement, Reinhold agreed to forfeit to the United States his computer equipment and storage media, as well as his interest in his house.

The Dayton Daily News reported: TROY — Catherine Peoples, 34, of Troy is a mother of four with a fifth child on the way who has taken her children to pediatrician Robert Reinhold for seven years.

She said that in light of the doctor’s arrest Wednesday on charges of possessing child pornography, she’ll be taking her children to another pediatrician.

Peoples said she learned of the arrest while reading news stories on the Web.

“He gave good care to children,” she said. “I’ve always been in the room with my kids” when they visited, she noted. “The thought is really upsetting. It’s really a shock. I would not have suspected this.”

COMMENT: Whether Operation Predator or Project Safe Childhood – the government’s efforts to crack down on Child Porn is paying off. Multiple arrests are being made across the nation with substantial indictments and long prison terms that follow. Every choice has a consequence. In the case of Child Porn – it is likely that one will be caught one way or the other and the consequences are substantial.

Federal law mandates forfeiture of both personal and real property used or intended to be used to commit or
promote the commission of certain child exploitation offenses, including receipt or possession of child pornography. Reinhold agreed to pay to the United States more than $130,000, which was the value of his interest in the house.

Receipt of child pornography is punishable by at least five and up to 20 years imprisonment, five years up to a lifetime of supervised release, and a fine of up to $250,000.

“Investigators have determined that these are images of real children,” Lockhart said, “but at this time, none of the victims appear to be patients of his.”

COMMENT: As a white collar crime speaker, unlike traditional forms of white collar crime, convictions related to Child Porn carry far greater sentences and long term consequences. One of the most significant things that parents can do is become educated. Child porn is more accessible via the internet and that – THE INTERNET – is where parents need education. Social networking sites such as MySpace, Facebook and others are not dangerous on the whole, but Child Predators can use those mediums as a way to deceive and commit their crimes. I teach seminars and workshops on cyber-crime and what every parent should know to protect their children.

Since Operation Predator was launched in July 2003, ICE agents have arrested more than 11,000 individuals, including more than 110 in Ohio.

“It a tragedy when those who are supposed to protect children choose to sexually exploit them instead,” said Brian M. Moskowitz, special agent in charge of the ICE Office of Investigations in Ohio and Michigan. “Fortunately, the combined aggressive efforts of ICE and the U.S. Attorney’s office helped prevent Mr. Reinhold from further exploiting the child victims by illegally using and sharing their images.”

Robert V. Reinhold, 55, will be sentenced Aug. 1 by U.S. District Judge Thomas Rose. Under the plea agreement reached, should Rose accept it, Reinhold will be sentenced to a five-year term. He could have faced a maximum 20 years in prison.

ICE encourages the public to report suspected child predators and any suspicious activity through its toll-free hotline at 1-866-DHS-2ICE. This hotline is staffed around the clock by investigators.

Suspected child sexual exploitation or missing children may be reported to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, an Operation Predator partner, at 1-800-843-5678 or http://www.cybertipline.com.

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