Mike Tyson – In the “Pink”

November 20, 2007

prison1.jpgEvery choice has a consequence.  Some consequences are significant and life changing and some – well some just make you stop and think. 

Today Mike Tyson reported to the Maricopa County jail system to serve a one-day sentence for a DUI conviction (other wise known as Tent City).


Now most folks know that Mike Tyson has known his share of trouble from the choices he has made.  It seems that he’s a bit hard headed about what it takes to turn his life around. 

This particular facility is nationally famous for it’s treatment of prisoners.  Three things stand out:  (1) all inmates are fed a bologna sandwich for lunch; (2) inmates must wear black and white striped uniforms; and (3) all inmates must wear pink underwear.  That’s right – men or women inmates must wear pink underwear.

While iron Mike may be a tough guy…at least for one day in his life he will be reminded that every choice has a consequence.  Pink underwear may make no difference in the long run…I can promise that it’s something that he’ll never forget.

And…never forgetting is the theme of this blog.  The sooner we remember that every choice has a consequence the sooner we can create positive results and outcomes in our lives by the positive choices we make.

Any comments for “Iron Mike?”

Texas Motivational Speaker – Chuck Gallagher – signing off…