Then There’s Real Dumb Luck – On The Lighter Side By Ethics Expert Chuck Gallagher

January 8, 2008

So here’s the skinny. A woman desperate to find “painkillers” attempts to break into a home. Hoping that inside she’ll find the golden tables she seeks. You can feel the rush as she inserts her license between the door and the frame – pushing frantically trying to pry open the lock – just like that do so easily on TV.


Oh crap.

My license broke.

Panic sets in.

Oh xxxx I need those pain killers.

Dang (you insert your word) and now my entry card (in this case her drivers license) is broken.

Kylie L. Grissom – you’re charged with attempted burglary!

Well, as I say in presentations around the country – every choice has a consequence. Now many times we don’t see the consequences happen as quickly as Kylie L. Grissom. In fact, many times it takes years for those consequences to manifest.

But in Kylie’s case – if it weren’t for dumb luck she’d have no luck at all. It seems that when her license broke in the door as she tried to “jimmy” the lock – the part that broke off was the part with her name and address. What a wonderful calling card she left of police.

It’s stories like this that keep my presentations interesting. I don’t have to have script writers (like the big guys in Hollywood), rather there is too much daily that is entertaining and real.

Make good choices!

Chuck Gallagher - The Ethics Expert

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