Second Chances

“Every choice has a consequence! The mystery behind choices and consequences is that we often don’t realize the magnitude of what we do until it’s too late. Then, we often wish we could rewind the tape and choose something different.”

Are you looking for a SECOND CHANCE?

Beyond the obvious…buy my book which certainly will give you a head start and valuable information from someone who’s been there – consider mentoring and coaching.  I recall years ago that a mentor/coach appeared when I needed it the most.  He was one of the toughest people I had the opportunity to work with.  His cut me no slack and, in fact, was at times too tough – at least I thought that at the time.  Years later I have come to appreciate his consistent approach and style which, through pressure, created a diamond out of a rough piece of coal.

Here are some comments about the book for starters:

Chuck brilliantly demonstrates in this book that life is full of grit that can become imbedded in our soul—just like the grain of sand that embeds itself within the oyster’s shell—the grit of life, its challenges, heartbreak, and pain, also can be transformed into a beautiful pearl within us all. Second Chances guides the reader through Chuck’s personal story of triumph to finding his or her own rare, one-of-a-kind pearl within. Chuck’s story illustrates how imprisonment of the soul can take place behind bars or outside of them. It’s a choice we can make and then change the trajectory of life when we make it.  As Chuck says so eloquently in this book, “You may make a mistake, but you are not a mistake.” Not to read Second Chances, in my opinion, would be a mistake I strongly recommend avoiding.

Anne Bruce
International speaker and bestselling author of Discover True North:
A 4-Week Approach to Ignite Your Passion and Activate Your Potential;
Be Your Own Mentor; How to Motivate Every Employee;
Speak for A Living; and more.

Chuck Gallagher is one of those people who, when you meet them in person, you instantly like. So it comes as a big surprise when you hear his story. He’s not the stereotype of an ex-con, and perhaps that’s one reason why it’s hard to put this book down. Chuck has told the ugly part of his poor choices and how he learned his lessons the hard way, so that all of the rest of us can consider each choice we make and avoid life-changing mistakes. The good news is Chuck learned to make great choices—like sharing his story to inspire others. This book will make you think, and it could save lives.

Lorri Allen
Talk Show Host, Mornings with Lorri and Larry

Second Chances shows you how to make better first choices. It is one of those rare books that effectively bridges the gap between
personal accountability and business success. Read it. Heed it. Apply its lessons.

Randy G. Pennington
Author of Results Rule! Build a Culture that Blows the Competition Away

This touching story of real-life circumstances blends the wisdom of experience with a powerful insight for successful living.

Dr. NidoQubein
President, High Point University
Chairman, Great Harvest Bread Co.

Chuck Gallagher offers his readers a short cut past the frailties of the human condition. His narrative comes to life in a substantive and fascinating manner. Why learn the hard way when Chuck has done it for you? The first chance you get, read this book and live life to the fullest.

Vince Poscente
New York

Mentoring and Coaching

If you need a SECOND CHANCE – now is the time to take action.  Regardless of the prison (literal or figurative), we are not defined by our past choices (unless we choose to be victims), rather the choices we make today will define our future.  The challenge is – often, with a past history of (shall we say) challenging choices – we find it difficult to know and learn how to make better more empowering choices.  Chuck Gallagher provides group and one-on-one coaching for those serious about making life-changing improvements.

For information contact Chuck directly at or call him at 828.244.1400.  Coaching terms can be discussed in person.

If you’re not sure…buy the book: SECOND CHANCES and test drive the wisdom that Chuck has to offer.  Perhaps from there you, too, will see the wisdom of how the choices you make can create and define the future you desire…!

4 Responses to Second Chances

  1. thempmgroup says:

    I have read your site with some interest (and envy) because of the poor choices I made and am still in the process of recovering from.

    I was a 27-year state/federal law enforcement professional who too made some poor (stupid) choices. Currently, I am building my own consulting business targeting state/federal law enforcement personnel, politicians, etc. in the poor choices they can make and land them in a federal penal facility.

    I would love to chat if you have a minute. EMail or
    The MPM Group, Inc.
    Attn: KMT
    230 N. Maple Ave., Suuite 305
    Marlton, NJ 08053

    Hope to hear from you.


  2. mark mwanza says:

    my disseration is on the topic of ethics within the banking industry, this is my hypothesis and am hoping maybe you can give me a few pointers in this subject- “Can ethics govern how businesses operate with reference to the banking industry ”
    hope to hera from you at your earliest convenience.

    I remian
    mark mwanza

  3. Mark…feel free to give me a call…be happy to discuss

  4. […] I had no idea you even got a choice. I should probably see one of those prison consultants to show me the lay of the land in case I’m picked up for criticizing the government or […]

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