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December 8, 2013

Eviscerating The Sound Of Music Live.

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Funeral Divas Conference in Chicago Cancelled! Every Choice has a Consequence – Muneerah Warner taken out in handcuffs

November 12, 2012

Choices and Consequences…  There are times when things just don’t seem to go right.  Whether by accident or intention, the fact remains that Every Choice has a Consequence.  That is true and became painfully clear last week at the Funeral Divas Conference in Chicago…or rather what was to be the conference.

Our firm had a representative there who called asking “Well what do I do now?”  I must admit I thought that an odd question as there was still another day left.  My response, “Well, network I guess!”

“No, you don’t understand!  The head Diva was just taken out of the conference in handcuffs by the police!”

“What?”  Honestly I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

“Something about not paying for something.  I don’t know,” she responded.  “All I know is the conference is cancelled.  Here’s a picture to show you what I mean.”

The challenge with all of this news is what impact does this create to an organization?  I am confident that no organization wishes to have this kind of publicity, especially one that works with families at times when they are most vulnerable.  The funeral profession is one that focuses on trust and publicity like this does not create trust.  At times the best one can do is spin the reality as best as one can and hope for the best.  Although, it is somewhat doubtful that a recovery will be easy when such public doubt is created by the founder of the organization.

To be fair, the following was released sharing a clearer picture of what took place.

Dear Members and Supporters,

On November 7th while Funeral Divas, Inc.’s first Continuing Education Conference was taking place the founder of Funeral Divas was detained by police because the hotel contract was unpaid. According to the Aloft Chicago O’Hare Hotel the contract was supposed to be paid on November 9, 2012. The conference rooms were being held with a board members credit card but unfortunately, half way through the conference the board member chose to ask police to remove her card from reserving the conference rooms. This resulted in the detainment of the founder of Funeral Divas, Inc. and as a result the conference was cancelled. The founder was released on her own recognizance.

We have temporarily unpublished our Facebook page and Twitter account to prevent further damage to our reputation. The best we can do now is clear up the rumors. First of all, the conference was not a scam. All courses were approved by the funeral boards of Illinois and Indiana.  The founder was not charged with a crime. Funeral Divas, Inc. has not lost any money and there was no check fraud or any kind of fraud. The hotel has been paid.

We hope that after everything is settled and major reconstruction of the organization has taken place; we can resume our status as the largest association of Women Funeral Professionals. For now the Funeral Divas new product line, burial relief fund for Children, Educational Conferences, local events, and newsletters are postponed.

As you know, Muneerah Warner founded Funeral Divas, Inc. to encourage and support women. This organization has achieved more than we could ever dream or imagine. We have found dozens of jobs, given support to families, provided camaraderie for women and so much more.

We apologize if this matter has offended members, women in the funeral industry or industry professionals. In the near future we hope to establish a new relationship with our members and the community. Your membership is appreciated and honored. If it was not for your support the organization would not exist.

A Funeral Diva is a Distinguished Woman who Contributes to the creation of a Funeral Ceremony!

Respectfully Submitted,

Funeral Divas, Inc.

Is it possible that Funeral Divas, Inc. can survive and garner the support needed by female funeral directors?  Is it possible that suppliers will be willing to support Funeral Divas, Inc. in potential future meetings?  What motivated a board member to ask to have his/her credit card removed from the hotel guarantee?  Is there more to this story than is being disclosed?

One thing is for sure…to survive there is the need for transparency and I’m not sure that we’ve seen that yet.  I am proud to be a part of this profession and truly wish this organization a healthy recovery.  Meanwhile, whether they survive or not will largely be a function of their choices moving forward…because – Every choice has a Consequence!  The choice we make today create the future we live tomorrow and the days following.  Hopefully, Muneerah will make those choices wisely!


NEW POST:  https://chuckgallagher.wordpress.com/2012/11/13/funeral-divas-muneerah-warner-arrested-and-the-conference-fails-monica-vernette-gray-shares-insight-questions-remain/

Leaping Lizard Batman…this guy – Michael Plank – got 15 months in Federal Prison for Lizard Smuggling!

July 21, 2011

A Lomita man was sentenced today to 15 months in federal prison for smuggling 15 lizards from Australia into the United States, all of which were concealed in money belts on the man’s body when he attempted to pass through United States Customs at the Los Angeles International Airport in November 2009.

Michael Plank, 42, was sentenced by United States District Judge Otis D. Wright.  In addition to the prison term, Judge Wright ordered Plank to pay a $2,000 fine with interest to be paid within 30 days.

Last year, Plank pleaded guilty to smuggling two Geckos, two Monitor lizards, and 11 Skink lizards from Australia in November 2009.  Monitor lizards are listed on Appendix II of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES), which means that the species may become threatened with extinction unless trade is closely controlled.

In commenting on today’s sentence, United States Attorney Andrè Birotte Jr. said, “This sentence of 15 months in federal prison sends a strong message to both wildlife smugglers and would-be wildlife smugglers that the illegal trafficking in wildlife is a serious crime that will result in significant prison time for those who engage in this despicable activity.”

Federal law prohibits the importation of wildlife from another country without a permit.  Federal law also requires that all wildlife, including lizards, be declared to U.S. Customs and Border Protection at the port of first arrival in the United States.  Australia prohibits the exporting of its native wildlife for pet trade.


Ronald Munkeboe Defense Attorney arrested for DUI – hum…funny how folks tend to get caught for what they are know for!

July 10, 2011

So we’re clear…it is not my intention to make fun of or find joy in anothers plight.  Yet, this article shows something that, if you look closely, is a trend when it comes to negative choices and their painful consequences.  Perhaps a psychologist would call it human nature…or perhaps there is another description for it, but more times than not, the negative choices that we make in life tend to revolve around the positive things we naturally do.

Think about it…Bernie Madoff was a brilliant investor and yet his negative choices centered around a Ponzi scheme or his financial work.  John Edwards indiscretions centered around his campaign.  My choices were focused around theft and failure to pay taxes on stolen money, and I was a CPA.  So, it’s no surprise that a DUI attorney would find his legal challenges related to – A DUI!

Here’s the report:

A Nashville DUI attorney was arrested late Tuesday night after nearly running over a Metro police officer as he sped out of a Bellevue gas station.

According to the police affidavit, Officer Mary Taylor saw Ronald Munkeboe pull into the Shell station at the corner of Charlotte Pike and Old Hickory Boulevard and watched as he picked up a tall can of beer from his console and took a sip.

Taylor reported Munkeboe was unsteady on his feet as he walked into the convenience store and she confronted him when he returned to his vehicle.

After identifying herself as a Metro officer, Munkeboe asked her if she was on duty, according to the affidavit.

After Taylor replied yes, and asked him to step out of his car, Munkeboe replied, “I’m alright”, put his vehicle in reverse and sped out of the parking lot.

Officer Taylor was nearly struck in the process.

Munkeboe, 45, was tracked to his home on nearby Wheatfield Court.  He admitted to drinking six or seven beers and was arrested.

He was booked into the Metro jail on charges of DUI and aggravated assault of an officer, among other charges.

Munkeboe graduated from the Nashville School of Law in 1999 and serves as a criminal defense attorney in Nashville with the firm Middle Tennessee Law, according to his Web site.

What are your thoughts?  Do you know Ronald Munkeboe?  Is this just a simple mistake on Munkeboe’s part or a pattern of behavior?  Wouldn’t it have been easier to submit to the officer rather than almost run over him?  After the consequences of his actions becomes clear, don’t you think Munkeboe will have a hard time in the court room defending DUI clients since law enforcement officials likely won’t forget his encounter with one of their own?

Information on his background is here:  http://www.lawyer.com/ron-munkeboe.html


Roger Clemens on Trial for Lying to Congress! Whose going to put Congress on Trial for lying to Us? Guest Blog by Brent Clanton

July 6, 2011

From time to time I am honored to have guest bloggers featured.  Today a friend of mine, Brent Clanton is featured with an interesting take on the Roger Clemens trial.  His comments will certainly make you think…

I am bemused to hear Roger Clemens will be going on trial for lying to Congress over controlled substances, when they’ve been lying to the American public for years over the substance of legislation they control. Or just lying outright.

The most-obvious recent example of this is the embarrassing saga of NY Rep. Anthony Weiner—a ten day media romp in which he repeatedly prevaricated as to his prowess as a sexting lothario. And wasn’t it an American politician who made “hiking the Appalachian Trail” the newest euphemism for cheating on a spouse?

Never mind the fact that our Congressmen and women haven’t been able to get their collective acts together long enough to pass legislation on fiscal-stimulus. So how is it they can find time to rake Roger over the coals for physical-enhancement stimulus?

Maybe if Clemens’ trainer, Brian McNamee had injected the House members with a little extra octane, we wouldn’t be facing a Government shut-down in August. Perhaps, had  the Senate been dosed with some exotic B-12 to goose their brain-function, we’d be closer to closing the gap between spending and revenues.

I wonder if the Congressional Inquisition will pay as close attention to Clemens’ testimony as they do to the nuances and details they present to We the People on a regular basis. Recently Sen. Dick Durban opined that the United States borrows from China most of the money it spends—to the rate of 40-cents on the dollar. According to Fact-Check.org, China only holds 8% of the total US debt ticket—a mere $1.15 Trillion of the $14+ Trillion in outstanding obligations. And the ratio is only 38-cents on the dollar. Don’t you feel better now? Here, take this pill…

Utah Gov. John Huntsman claimed this Spring that Social Security, Medicare, and interest payments on our collective debt would “consume every dollar of Federal revenue” within a decade. According to the Government Accounting Office, assuming all the current tax provisions are left in place, only 92-cents of each revenue dollar would be spent on interest and social entitlement expenses. Don’t spend the remaining 8-cents all in one place.

Lies or mis-statements? Only your Congressional speechwriter knows for sure—or should. It’s just galling that instead of allowing the MLB to handle this tempest on the pitching mound, Congressional brain power, time and tax dollars are being squandered over the word of a sleazy athletic trainer vs a potential Baseball Hall of Famer at a time when the very people doing the questioning have bigger fish to fry. Or should.

Brent Clanton is a Talk Radio Host based in Houston, Texas. 
His musings can be mulled at http://brentclanton.blogspot.com
He is an avid user of Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1006473011) and Twitter (@brentclanton); 
befriend and follow today!

Elisea Frishberg – “Money Money Money!” What a difference two years makes!

June 29, 2011

From 2009 on Fox 26 to today…sometimes its hard to hide the truth.  Then Elisea Frishberg was a multi-millionaire – now we find that the millions she bragged about were scammed from unsuspecting investors. Before reading the discussion below and sharing your comments…watch this video.  It’s quite telling!

The interviewer said, “You’re a multimillionaire, but you were not born with a silver spoon in your mouth.”

Elisea responds, “In everyone’s book what I’ve done is impossible.  I am the co-founder of BizRadio Network.  We reach millions of lives and improve their lives.  We buy businesses.  We build cities.  We have monetary financial advantages, material advantage that I could never imagine I could reach.”

STOP FOR A MOMENT…I’ve got a question.  Does the news media do any (ANY) due diligence on their guests.  Come on – “We build cities.”  What a crock…

The interviewer asks in so many words how did you do this?

Again Elisea states, “For 48 years I wished someone would have come up with a box – a set of instructions – to lower my pain and anxiety.  So that makes you ask what makes you inspired to write this book? So I said I’ll box them up.  I’ll box up everything I’ve learned to get to where I am and I’m inspired and excited and want to give it to your listeners…”

HUM…PERHAPS THE BOOK SHOULD BE USED BY THE FBI…cause if you’ve boxed up all you’ve learned you should find the content to include chapters on: (1) how to scam unsuspecting investors out of their money; (2) How to live off of other people’s money (that they will never get back); (3) How to con the media into believing in the illusion instead of searching for the truth; (4) How to lie with a straight face; and (5) How to thumb your nose that those who supported your vision of a valuable business radio station.

HERE POINTS:  (Ya gotta check these out)

  1. Face Yourself
  2. Do Not Lie To Yourself (wonder if she’s O.K. with lying to others since that seems to be what happened?)
  3. Know What You Really Want (again wonder if she knew that was other people’s money?)

Elisea ends the interview by saying what people really want is MONEY…MONEY…MONEY!  Well…she got it.  The problem was it was other people’s money.  Wonder now what she has to say about that show?


One Step Ahead of the SEC – The Mystery behind Dan Frishberg – The Brains Elisea Frishberg – who knew?

June 29, 2011

I feel like I owe my readers an apology.  All this time I thought that “The Money Man” Dan Frishberg was the brains behind the massive theft involved with what is now known as BizRadio.  But it looks like I was wrong.  Seems that all was an illusion.  Perhaps Dan was not that smart after all, cause now the truth behind the myth appears – Elisea!  Shocked…well no, rather mystified.  Read this recent announcement by Elisea and then let’s talk…

I’m Elisea Frishberg and I’ve served as Executive Producer of “The MoneyMan Report” for twenty years. For all that time, when Dan has been on the radio, CNBC,  or Fox, I have been right there behind the scenes.

Through all these years, our show has been about helping people get themselves off the emotional roller coaster so they can be among the very few who actually make money in the markets AND KEEP IT.

Here is a picture of that roller coaster.

From despondency to depression to hope to relief, on to optimism then excitement and euphoria, and the herd’s emotional roller coaster ride starts back down into anxiety, denial (where they feel the market can’t fall any further,) and finally to capitulation. Then the whole thing starts all over again.

It’s all so human isn’t it?

I want to propose a solution – an easy way to escape from the herd and start to enjoy the markets.

Join us for our No B.S., Plain English, No Jargon, Everyone-Can-Do-It…

The MoneyMan’s Live Training…


Morning Session: Becoming Investor 2.0

We’ll learn once and for all how to free ourselves from the emotional roller coaster most investors stay stuck on all their lives.

Find out how, at each stage, the markets serve as the primary mechanism to transfer wealth from the uninformed to the smart money, and find out how to make sure you’re on the winning side. Once you’re free, you’ll know there is a profitable play for every situation, just as in baseball.

Take a look at the small space between DEPRESSION and HOPE on the right hand side of the picture. Between those two little dots, investors go through highly predictable emotions…

Contempt: According to the cycle, a bull market typically starts when a market is at a low and investors scorn stocks.

Doubt and suspicion: They try to decide whether what they have left should be invested in a safe haven, such as a money market fund. They’ve burnt their fingers on stocks, and vow never to invest again.

Caution: The market then gradually starts showing signs of recovery. Most remain cautious, but prudent investors are already drooling at the possibility of profit.

What does the smart money do at that point?

First the big hitters begin to buy convertible bonds. Solid companies issued bonds that are paying only about 5% or 6% because they companies are so solid, but in this coming out of panic situation, panicked investors are still afraid to take action, so highly desirable and safe bonds are selling for 70 or 80 cents on the dollar. It happens in every cycle, and now that you’ve learned how to escape from the herd, you’ll be right there, ready to take advantage of the opportunity.

In fact, you’ll wonder how making money could be so easy, and how you missed all these opportunities for all these years.

Next, once they see the high yield bonds start to recover, they know the stock market won’t be far behind, so they take their profits on the bonds, then back up the pickup truck and load up.

While the experts are claiming to be in a “stock pickers’ market” as usual, the educated investor knows very well that at this stage, buying the whole market is better. There will be plenty of time for fine tuning later in the cycle, when the herd is moving between the OPTIMISM and EXCITEMENT stages.

Is it really that easy?

I don’t want to kid you. It really is that easy to understand, but being able to actually execute the right strategies and tactics takes courage, brains, and the ability to resist the hypnosis of the herd. That’s the part you’ll have to practice for the rest of your life.

Cycles constantly repeat. We move through the same seasons every year, and we’ve all learned how to anticipate the changing seasons. We follow the weather, the harvest and the sports cycle every year of our lives. We easily adapt to the cycle of the seasons, so they never surprise us. In fact, we learn to love each season, because we anticipate the predictable changes, and we successfully plan our activities to match.

For example, when the stock market rallies, stockholders win.

At the moment of EUPHORIA or maximum confidence, some chinks in the armor start to show up, suggesting the early signs of economic slowing. Stock prices go down, and the new winners are…

  • the short sellers,
  • the bond buyers
  • the patient investors who kept their cash ready,
  • the put buyers,
  • and the smart investors who Rent Out Stocks.

They all prosper when the rally stalls. Who loses? Simple! Those who blindly buy into the intoxicating euphoria of the herd.

Learn the winning play for every situation. The reason experienced investors and traders are able to achieve better results over time, is that they understand exactly what the herd is going through.

Why? Because this isn’t their first rodeo!

In the afternoon session: Master R.O.S. and you will know…

1. How to increase your annual returns by 20%-30% per year in a sideways stock market.

2. How to pinpoint your most accurate economic and market forecast, then choose the exact right tactics for that precise situation.

3. How to pinpoint your exact risk profile, then choose the exact right tactics to fit.

4. How to decide if collecting rent on a stock is a better deal than just holding the stock.

5. How to take consistent profits from a sideways consolidating market

6. How to choose which stocks make the best long term holds, so you can collect your rents while you minimize the downside risk of owning stocks.

7. How to tell when the speculators are paying too much for their long options.

8. How to understand the profit potential is in an option, so you can consistently outsmart your renters, by out-timing them.

9. How to consistently buy stocks cheaper than their ticker prices.

10. How to know which month’s options offer the best rental rates

11. How to know which stocks in which industries make the best “rental properties.”

12. How to take advantage of market fluctuations to increase market profits by over 35%

13. Learn how the top pros can consistently spot THE optimum moment to collect their rents, by knowing how to estimate future volatility. This skill will also help you know when and how to protect the downside in you equity holdings.

14. How to understand more about how to price the rents on your stocks than the speculators and gamblers whose money you collect.

15. How to use time decay to consistently make the optimum rentals on your long term stock holdings.

16. How to know when to make a above the market offer, and when to accept the current market price.

17. How to know when to pass on a high rent, to keep more upside in your stock holdings.

18. How to read the market trends and directions.

19. The three most common mistakes investors and traders make in reading market trends.

Also Includes a Special Lesson On Iron Condors, the more advanced play for a sideways market. Warning: This technique works terrific in when markets chop and don’t go anywhere, but it may require some more study and practice for some themoneymanreport.com/newsletters-a-reports/item/767-learn-more–sign-up.htmlstudents.

Most people assume that when the markets aren’t moving you can’t make money. Not anymore. Low volatility markets can be extremely profitable.

With the Iron Condors strategy, we will trade a single complex option spread which includes the simultaneous vertical spreads in the same expiration month.

The strategy will advise on market neutral and well defined risk iron condors with limited profit. Each month we will identify an index or ETF that is range bound, allowing us to profit from the non-directional movement. The main advantage to trading this strategy is that it will give you near-term hedging with defined and manageable risk characteristics.

Click here for a short video on exactly what the smart money is already doing at every turn.


Elisea Frishberg

The MoneyMan Report

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Let’s consider the fact that the SEC was supposed to have shut up Dan Frishberg from offering investment advice.  Why?  Cause he was actively involved in defrauding investors according to SEC reports.  Dan and the SEC agreed on the outcome.  From my perspective Dan was to have gone to http://www.zipit.com with his glorious investment advice.

Ah…but there is nothing to muzzle the mouth of Elisea and apparently she was the brains behind the man…after all she was the Executive Producer of “The Money Man Report”.  Well…let me ask some questions:

  1. Elisea…if you were the Executive Producer – did you know that your husband was cheating many people out of their life time savings to support your failed business and personal lifestyle?
  2. No…you say, well then how smart were you?  Shouldn’t (as Executive Producer) you have known that financially BizRadio was in the tank and that you should have helped Dan cut back on lavish expenses?  Oh…I guess not as I’ve been told that you pushed for those lavish indulgences.
  3. And, lastly Elisea – do you have any remorse for those who lost their money at what you now seem to admit was your and Dan’s hand?  What are you doing today to make restitution?  Do you even care?

My strong suspicion is that Elisea won’t answer these questions – as it seems that it’s business as usual for the Frishbergs.


Business Ethics – Disney drops their ‘Seal Team 6’ trademark application! Navy Seals Win Again!

May 25, 2011

Opportunistic perhaps…but I can see it – an animated series called ‘Seal Team 6’ about save the world “seals” and the fun associated with their adventures.  Maybe that’s what Disney had in mind when they filed an application to trademark “Seal Team 6”.  Perhaps!  Or perhaps they were just opportunistic seizing the moment.  Either way, their application raised the ire of the US Navy – who quickly filed a trademark application of their own.  Game on!

An AP story sated the following:

Disney sought the trademark rights on May 3, two days after U.S. operatives raided a luxury compound in Pakistan and killed the mastermind of the 9/11 attacks.

Disney’s ABC subsidiary wanted to develop a TV show along the lines “NCIS” and “JAG,” which are also real-life Navy units, and would have focused on the drama and heroism of the special forces members.

But it drew flak for not only its rapid filing, but also for a trademark application that included items like Christmas stockings and snow globes.

Comedy show host Jon Stewart needled the company on his “Daily Show”: “I can’t wait for the Happy Meal.”

Navy spokeswoman Amanda Greenberg said the Navy already had rights to the SEAL trademark but recently submitted two new applications for trademarks of “Navy SEALs” and “SEAL Team.”

“The Navy is fully committed to protecting its trademark rights as it pertains to this matter and is currently examining all legal options,” she said.

Disney/ABC spokesman Kevin Brockman said the company pulled the plug on its bid “in deference to the Navy’s application.”

Disney is still interested in producing a show based on the unit’s operatives although it would likely be produced by a third-party studio.

Regardless of motive…Disney did the right thing by withdrawing their trademark application.  Would they have done so if the Navy had not also filed?  Would they have done so if there had not been so much negative media attention?  Both  good questions.  What we do know is that faced with the right thing to do…Disney stepped up and pulled the trigger removing themselves from the fight.

Frankly, if I had to fight the Navy Seals…I think I’d run too!


Ethics in Social Media – Why the Secret Service had to Apologize for a Twitter feed…Wonder how Fox feels about this?

May 23, 2011

Every choice has a consequence!  I open all my ethics presentations with that statement…yet, when it comes to the Secret Service – well I suspect the consequence is “secret”!

A CNN report stated the following:

The Secret Service is apologizing Wednesday after an employee’s personal dislike for Fox News landed in an official tweet.

The message, posted Wednesday on the @SecretService Twitter account read, “Had to monitor Fox for a story. Can’t. Deal. With. The. Blathering.”

According to the agency, the tweet was “immediately removed” and an “internal follow-up” is underway.

“An employee with access to the Secret Service’s Twitter account, who mistakenly believed they were on their personal account, posted an unapproved and inappropriate tweet,” read a statement from the U.S. Secret Service. “We apologize for this mistake, and the user no longer has access to our official account. Policies and practices which would have prevented this were not followed and will be reinforced for all account users.”

The Secret Service newly joined Twitter with its first official tweet from @SecretService on May 9, 2011.

Wonder how the folks at the Secret Service felt about their gaff?  Wonder if the person who posted this on Twitter is still employed with the Secret Service…oh…it’s secret!

This is a perfect example of how important it is to monitor your postings before you hit ENTER!  And, I have to wonder if I publish this…will I now be on the Secret Service’s radar?  Naw…I’m not that significant…


Ethics and the offer… FTD’s Valentine’s disaster with Groupon.

February 13, 2011

Practically the biggest day in the year for florists and certainly huge for FTD and then…a PR disaster when it was discovered that the “ethics” of the sales offer seemed to be lacking.  When the time is right for your sales opportunity, the one thing you don’t want is to find yourself in a firestorm of controversy over lack of ethics in your sales practices.  Yet, that’s exactly where FTD finds itself on the eve of Valentines Day.

The story goes like this…according to an ABC News report…

The problem surfaced when several Groupon customers found the flowers they bought were priced lower as sale items on FTD’s own website. They complained on the Groupon site and the Internet that FTD was making up for the Groupon discount by jacking up the prices.

But FTD Group Inc. President Rob Apatoff said in an interview on Sunday that wasn’t the case. He said it was clear on the sites that the coupon didn’t apply to sale items.

So…let me get this.  FTD offers through Groupon flowers for Valentine’s Day for $40 at a 50% discount or flowers purchased for $20.  Great deal or so the purchasers thought.  Then they saw the same flowers for less than $40 on the FTD site.  What would you have thought?  Did FTD jack up the price of flowers offered through Groupon so that it would appear that the purchasers were getting a better deal?

The ABC reports says…

“At no time did we inflate any prices. Absolutely not,” Apatoff said. “Because there was some confusion with a few, we decided to step up and do the right thing to make sure everybody was happy.”

Even with the higher price on the Groupon site, Groupon customers always got a better deal with the $20 coupon than buying from the FTD site, Apatoff said. Discounts on the FTD site were $5 to $10 lower than the price on the Groupon site, he said.

So…here’s what he said…I think.  The Groupon price = $40 for flowers with a 50% discount.  The same flowers on the FTD site may have been $30 say…so according to Apatoff they still got a better deal with Groupon.  But Mr. Apatoff…that’s not the point.  If the price of the arrangement is $40 through Groupon then it should be $40 on the FTD site.  Ethics are ethics and when you have a price – that price should be uniform to the buying public otherwise, how will the consumer believe the benefit of buying through you or using the Groupon coupon?

Groupon responded quickly…again the ABC report states…

Groupon Inc. officials started seeing the complaints on Thursday and contacted FTD about the problem, Groupon.com President Rob Solomon said on Sunday. Together, they decided to credit the accounts of people who bought the sale items through Groupon, giving them the difference between the sale price and the price that was on the Groupon site, he said. The companies also put the FTD sale prices on the Groupon site, he said.

Groupon has people who monitor Internet prices on coupon items to make sure there are no discrepancies, and they catch differences in most cases, Solomon said. He called the FTD case a rare exception.

In the world of instant data transfer and everyone being a “watchdog” of sorts with a cell phone, recording equipment, etc. companies have to be vigilant in the ethics of their sales offers and the transparency and integrity of their business practices.  Did FTD intend this?  No way.  But, most would agree that the ethics of this situation certainly created more damage for FTD than any extra sales they could have received this Valentine’s Day.

As for me…I went to Wal-Mart and found great flower deals.  One dozen beautiful fresh roses for $15 and a awesome spring arrangement for the same.  Were they priced right?  I don’t know…all I know is I get two to three times as many flowers as I would have otherwise gotten through an FTD florist and the savings and beauty made my wife very happy.

Perhaps this is a lesson in how the changing face of marketing can make or break you – one ad at a time.